1 Jul 2006

About me (retro)

About Me

Well what do you want to know?
Okay I will read your mind and answer the questions you didn't really want to ask, see how nice I am?
I go by the name of Claire, or online its either Claire or crpitt. The crpitt often gets read as carpet, because people are strange, or it really does read like carpet. Which I have obviously just made worse because now people read this and automatically call me carpet... I know who you are.
I am British, living in Britain or English living in England, up north near Liverpool.

I hate photographs of myself read this if you don't believe me:
"Me, me, me and me again".
After saying all that, I still think its nice to see who your reading about, so I have provided the above daft photographs for your amusement, against my better judgement.

What is this blog all about?
Well sort of, it is a personal blog after all.
The main things I write about, if I had to pick some, are hiking (erm less at the moment, beginning to forget what it is, fecking lazy sod that I have become), counselling, photography,doodling and the mumborg, Each topic is injected with my own style of writing, which is greatly influenced by insomnia induced humour. So I will do a brief run down of each of them and then you can go and root out all the information at your pleasure.

Well I am training to be a counsellor at the moment, and I have nearly finished my diploma. I 'should' finish this coming June 2009. Well no should about it! I will finish in June, then who knows what after that (slight delay, do not panic!). This is the whole reason for the blog in the first place, as we were encouraged to keep a diary. My diary has evolved into this thing called blog. I have been very lapse about posting counselling related stuff, but that will change very soon. The biggest component of any counselling course is personal development, so this whole blog is part of my own personal development. How about that for an excuse to lark about on the internet, instead of working?
The following slideshow really highlights the journey I have taken, so if you are interested in counselling/therapy, either as a student,client or interested party then it is well worth a look at this adventure in doodles and words.
*Click the button to see all the posts I have done about counselling so far*

Also started a squidoo lens thingy: A Student in Counselling 
so if you have any interesting links or book recommendations, feel free to pass them onto me.

The Mumborg
The mum aka mumborg/cupboard monster, is mentioned quite a bit on my blog. Along with the rest of my family, but the mumborg is mentioned more, due to her penchant for going into the hospital a lot. She has a long and complicated medical history, which of course provides me with many a humorous tale, no really it does. The mum was originally called the Mumborg because her leg was full of more metal than than the bionic woman. That leg is no longer with us, as she had it amputated in September 2009, in a procedure called a hemipelvectomy, which is a high level amputation, involving the removal of the leg and portion of the pelvis.She is back at home at last and adjusting to life as a person with one leg, she is an amazing person.

I was a mad doodler as a kid, probably doodled more than I did school work, somewhere along the road I got disheartened and put my pencil down. Ever since starting the blog I have tried to add images to the posts that I write. It got boring trying to find clip art ones, so I came up with my own. First using the 'paint' program, then progressed to hand doodling and scanning the images. Maybe one day I will progress to using a graphic tablet, which would be cool.
*Click the button to see all my doodles so far*

Also check at my doodle set on flickr Doodle Time you can really see the doodle journey I have been on in that set.


Can I call hiking a sport? Probably not. It's the only sport that I like to do. I am not a fitness fanatic but I love outdoors, nature and all that malarkey. It is my intention to improve my hiking skills, so that I least don't cry all the time and lose the power of speech. It is apparently a true sign of fitness if you can sing whilst doing strenuous exercising, I will settle for humming. I have been severely lacking in all things hiking!Practically all of 2009 was a wash when it came to things fun, with the mumborg having her leg off, swine flu and college stuff. Hopefully that will change in 2010!
*Click the button for hiking posts in England, Scotland and Wales mostly*

I love taking photographs, but I am just a beginner and have only had a point and shoot digital camera for about two years. Although it is a good one, a Canon Powershot A630, which I still don't know how to use properly. Recently I have begun to suspect that this camera is on its way out! I will be gutted when it eventually dies.
In the meantime I have my sisters Canon EOS 1000D to play with, as I am taking the photographs for her wedding this coming May. She has emphasised that I am only fostering this camera, so will have to give it back after May. Hopefully I may have saved up for a replacement by then.

There is a link to my proper flickr page in the navigation bar just below the header.

Have a gander at the photographs on this blog by clicking the button.

Also on November 1st 2009 I embarked on a 365 photography project, where a select few people are posting a photograph a day on a shared blog, you can see the link to that in my sidebar. I am also treating it as a mini blog. It is proving to be fun so far and providing invaluable practice for the upcoming wedding.

I like a wide range of music from rock to electronica and whatever in-between.
Check out my profile to see what I have been listening to recently. Feel free to add me, always looking for tunes to listen to.
Claire is listening to what?

(Hello if you have stumbled onto my site via twitter)

Twitter is like a mini blog, where you can find out what I am up to most of the time (how thrilling). I sometimes update it with my mobile when out and about (even more thrilling). I know that sounds like scintillating stuff or something.You can follow me if your a twitterer yourself by following this link . I like to keep tabs on all things Mental Health, twitter has been unexpectedly wonderful at this, lots of interesting folks, with a wide range of different perspectives. Other people I am likely to follow? Hmm doodlers, bloggers, local folk and interesting music types.

Any questions? Leave a comment or email me at


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    Excellent About Me Stuff!

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  12. This is one of the best 'About Me' pages I've seen. Well done, Claire.

    Onward & upward!


  13. Hello Claire, please to meet you!

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  15. hi claire, u got a nice blog here.. interesting actually :-) and i think u are pretty :-)

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  16. Just visiting from Linda's blog here in the States and wanted to say hi. Your pictures of the countryside are amazing. I went overseas for the first time ever, last September to visit family in East Ayrshire. I didn't get the chance to go north, but I did get to visit Glasgow, Edinburgh, and several other towns including where my grandmother grew up. I did however get to hike around in Muirkirk, some great sights from Cairn Table and Tibbie's Brig.. Anyhow, just wanted to say hi, and let you know I enjoy your pics..

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  23. Claire, it was nice to get an overall sense of what your blog is about by breaking it down into parts.
    Your photos are fab, and that is with only a year under your belt eh! I know how you feel about getting your photo taken. There is hardly a pic of me when I am not making some kind of a face.

  24. I love your site! :) It's fun and refreshing, especially considering the fact that I spend a significant amount of time reading financial blogs (it can get boring!).

    Keep up the good work!

  25. Claire - What a delightful blog! I subscribed after Stumbling Upon one of your pages that told about your mom and your college courses. I'm a 59 yr old college student enrolled in my local community college's Human Services Assistant Certificate program (beginning social work), live with my mom, too, and there is much we have in common as I've gleaned from your pages. Amazing, yes? So far away, in geography and age. I live in California, near San Francisco. I wish you all the best with everything in your life and thank you for your young wisdom.

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  28. Hi Claire

    What a fabulous blog! I wish more counsellors (moi included) would/could do something like this.

    Okay, it's messy visually (blogger limitations I guess), but isn't that also the way we real people are?

    I love your drawings too. Very... um, I don't know, I'm not an arty type, but they seem very 'human' is the only word that fits.


  29. You make me laugh and I didn't read it as "carpet." Perhaps I am a bit more strange than the rest? I read it as "carpet."


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