9 May 2019

Pressed Flowers and The W.I.

This blog is now how many years old? (answer at the end of the post). I have seriously forgotten how long it has been since I even logged into the Blogger dashboard.

As I have mentioned many times over the years, the world of micro-blogging has long since stolen time away from writing more in depth blogs. I still use Twitter and Facebook, but the main fancy for me, is now Instagram.

The interesting thing that prompted me to log onto blogger today, was having a random peek over on Pinterest and noticing that I get 236.4k monthly view over there and the main website I have listed, is this one. So am I missing a trick by not utilising this site more? So here is a brief rundown down 'About Me' and what I am involved with.

 I am an Artist in the North West of England (Widnes/Runcorn, which is near Liverpool). 

 I am based at Hazlehurst Studios WebsiteInstagramTwitter,  Facebook 

 I work with Pressed Flowers - My online shop is over on Etsy,  Instagram,  Twitter,  Facebook 

 I Doodle as 'The Doodologist'  Website InstagramTwitter , Facebook

 I run a Community Garden Project called 'Old Town Bloomers'
I am a member of Runcorn WI - Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

 I use Social Media a lot

I have had this blog since 2006, it has changed style and theme many times, but has been an invaluable tool over the years. 

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