24 Nov 2006

Brain ache

Here is a little something to make your brain ache! well it certainly made mine!

A girl attends her mothers funeral.
She sees a handsome man, who see feels is
her ideal partner, though she never spoke to him.
Two days later she murders her older

i will leave this with you for a little while please have a go at guessing the answer!


  1. the boy who likes to11:52 am, November 24, 2006

    I spotted your profile through brit/gritt blog. was a bit shocked to find a blogger who lives near where i used to live (i grew up in Runcorn)

    The closest person I had accidentally found was from Liverpool, but now you have that award!

    Also, on topic. Was the nice young man a hypnotist?

  2. Could it be that the man was engaged or married to her sister?

  3. Hello, Booooooo Runcorn, sorry had to do that! There is still that Widnes/Runcorn Rivalry!
    Thank you for the award! do i get a certificate?
    And on topic thats the wrong answer!

  4. Hello tomcat, I am sorry but thats the wrong answer!
    Thnaks for playing along, how long should i wait to give out the right answer?


  5. I would have said the same as tomcat but it did seem a bit obvious I suppose. Haven't a clue.

  6. Ok a little clue! Lets just say its not something someone rational would do!


  7. Could it be that the man is the funeral director, so killing her sis gives her another excuse to see him?

  8. Sorry .... Puzzles just ain't my forte'.

    I don't think I've ever solved one.

    Samoo wrote me back at google. My one day old site is an "Empty shell" ..... "No content"

    What's he want for free .... The Rockettes ?

  9. She feels that the same guy might return to her sisters funneral. She could ask round, but she's stupid!

  10. Taking a tip from TomCat, I'll suggest it was Colonel Mustard in the parlour... No, No, No...

    The handsome man was was not the funeral director, but a priest, and her older sister was actually a Sister... A nun, who shared the monastery with the handsome young priest!

    With her out of the way...

    Tim <----Who say's I'm dumb?

  11. nice try tim but wrong, when you read the answer you will be happy that you got it wrong!
    cheers for playing along.