12 Nov 2006

Hawaiian Party!!!!!

Hello if you have read my recent blog about holiday plans (shame on you if you haven't, lol) you will know that i am going a house party for New Years Eve.
The theme for the part is Hawaiian, its not my idea! I feel a sense of dread overwhelm me whenever fancy dress is mentioned! so if they think i am going to don a grass skirt and a coconut bra they are mistaken!
Also my apologies to all Hawaiian folk out there, what must you think of non Hawaiians having a Hawaiian party and i wonder what the feeling is on coconut bras?
Ihave put some photos in this blog of images i have found on the net, these photos show exactly what i don't intend on wearing!!!!!!!!!!!!
So any suggestions would be great! otherwise it will be a nice dress and some sort of tropical flower in my hair! (Have to buy it first).
I will make up for lack of costume by making the cocktails, of which i am getting quite good at making. I was thinking mainly rum based cocktails, with an obvious coconut and pineapple theme! OK so i am a hypocrite! it doesn't mean i have to wear coconuts though. Any other cocktail ideas would be great.
Finally any recipes ideas? otherwise it will be hawaiian pizza (ham and pineapple) and bounty bars (the chocolate bars)

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  1. Your blogs really going well. I am a carer to for my husband. Sadly it's terminal but I guess we all are at some point. Sounds like you're kept pretty busy. Shall see if I can find some cocktail recipes for you.