8 Dec 2006

Counselling Homework, Task Four

Task four is about understanding the differences between you and others, such as, family, friends, colleagues and total strangers!
What helps you be able to communicate with one person but not the next?

We where given a handout called 'Areas for understanding context and difference'

On it was a list of words to think about while attempting task four, so here they are:

Support Network



Social Class

Family of Origin




Sexual orientation




Working in pairs each person is to spend five minutes talking about themselves, with the other person listening and asking relevant questions to find out more.
Then spend a further five minutes each discussing what differences there are between you. Use the hand out entitled "Areas for understanding context and difference" to give you some ideas as well as your own.
Take a further ten minutes to explore between you what it was about the other person that enabled you to continue talking, was there anything that was a barrier to communication?
Remember to be HONEST to help learning, but RESPECTFUL to maintain dignity.

*List the difference between you and your partner
*Make a note of aids of communication between you
*Make a note of any barriers to communication.

Obviously you don't have to work in pairs, you could just think of a particular person and note the differences, using the words given above.


  1. Interesting. Actually I just had a friend visit for a little while because she was upset and wanted someone to listen.

    So I did listen and did not think of other things while she was talking.

    The difference between her and I is she is very emotional at all times, I am not, she is very relational and demonstratively loving and I am not. I tend to want to get into people heads, she wants to get into hearts.

    Aid of communication, I am not sure except she has come to me several times when troubled even though I think we are quite disimilar in personality.

    Barriers to communication,I sometimes think I have to be careful I don't shock her or hurt her because I am very blunt and to the point and hate to skirt around an issue. So I watch what I say a little in case she is hurt.

    How did I do Teacher?

  2. I will elaborate on racial differences. I have a Native American friend, a Lakota Sioux, while I am Caucasian. Although he is improving, he tends to be prejudiced against whites. For me race is a non-issue.

    Barriers to communication: he justifies using past injustices and assumes that any behavior from others that he doesn't like is racially motivated. I like to argue, so at times, I have challenged him before validating that I heard him.

    Aids to communication: I am more familiar with the history of his people than most whites, I am able to treat him with empathy.

  3. Hello Vic, You did great!I dont think you give yourself enough credit! you are probably just the tonic she needs!

  4. Hello tomcat, fascinating!
    I have romanticised Native American Indians, ever since Last of the Mohicans!
    Its interesting, i bet you have had some very heated discussions! But your allowed to be a lot more honest with friends than a counsellor could be!


  5. Hi y’all

    I thought I should stop by and introduce myself because it looks like we will be part of a joint effort at Turning the Pages of Life. I have read your profile and see that we are opposite in many ways, while we do have some common ground.

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    The old sarge

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  7. Well now little girl, you should have no fear of me. I think the venture will be fun, only time will tell. I’ll see you in the Blogosphere.

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  8. Hello The Brit, or should i say Fellow Brit?
    Thanks for lovely comment, i am still bewildered why people read my blog? but i am loving the world of blog.

  9. Thanks Sarge! but your comment on what the topic is has filled me with terror!