3 Dec 2006

Counselling Homework. Task Two Answers

Task Two Answers

Think of a time when you were really listened to and felt heard…..
How did you know you were being heard?
What were you thinking and feeling?
What was useful?

I was talking to one of my close friends about my mum being in hospital, she was very ill at the time. It was too difficult to talk to family at that time as they would get very upset and i really needed to talk to someone!

I knew I was being heard because the person only spoke when an answer was needed(or wanted) and they did not interrupt me.
I was thinking its nice to be listened to and I was feeling relaxed.
The constant eye contact and the room to talk without interruption was very useful.

Think of a time when you didn't feel listened t0…..
What made you feel you weren’t being heard?
What were your thoughts and feelings?

I hadn't spoke to this particular friend for a while, so i was trying to tell her what had been happening in my life, but she wouldn't let me finish one sentence!
I felt like I was not being listened to because the person kept interrupting me and asking questions, or started to talk about themselves.
I thought this person really does not care at all about me or what I am saying and I felt very upset and frustrated.

What might be some other barriers to listening?

Allowing or creating a distraction
Day dreaming
Mentally disagreeing with what the client is saying
Body language
Facial expressions and eye contact.

PS. I will be providing some links to websites and books that i have useful so that you can find out more about the topics i have briefly mentioned.
Also as i have said before if something does not make sense or you would like to know more, i will happily try to find out more information for you.


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