3 Jan 2007

Counselling Homework, Task Five Answers

I am not being a good counselling teacher at all! (for those new to blog, i am not a counselling teacher at all! just posting my homework on for those that follow along with me!).
I need to get a move on with this batch of homework as i start the next level on tuesday.

If you get confused read counselling homework 5 again:

Working in pairs discuss the groups of people below and choose those which you feel you may have a stereotypical attitude or prejudice towards. List your reasons for this on a separate sheet of paper
For this i just put what first popped into my mind, whether i was influenced by the medias perception or my own personal experiences.

*Lesbians short hair, mannish*Americans obnoxious *Doctors arrogant *Prostitutes abused women/drug addicts*Police arrogant *Young people*Catholics *Blonde women dumb*Gamblers selfish *Smokers selfish*Disabled people *Japanese*Drug users selfish*Jews *Teachers *Scousers *Black people *Asians *Gay men *Upper classes*HIV/Aids sufferers

With your partner, explore one or more of the following issues and write your thoughts and feeling about them below:
1. Attitudes toward alcohol
2. Lowering the age of consent to 14
3.The legalising of cannabis
4. Violence against women
5. Being able to choose the sex of your child
6. People smoking near you
7. Same sex marriages
8. Capital punishment
9. Gender reassignment
10. Abortion
11. Animal rights
12. Whether people have a right to kill themselves

My partner and I chose the issue of:
Lowering the age of consent to 14.
Wrong, irresponsible, places vulnerable people at risk, children mature at different rates, peer pressure.
Anger, frustration, uncomfortable

People smoking near you.
Wrong, Dangerous to pregnant women and people with asthma, makes you smell.
Selfish, makes you feel uncomfortable, angry, frustrated, confrontational.

Of course many of the other issues evoke a lot of thoughts and feelings but in class we dont have that much time. I think everybody is always going to have an issue they cant work past, but hopefully when i become a fully fledged counsellor i will have the skills to overcome any prejudices i have.


  1. Rats...I'm obnoxious!

    If you keep telling me that I'm going to need counseling! If it means anything my brothers are MUCH more obnoxious than I. Uglier too. And they're not very bright. I think they were adopted.

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  3. Before blogging i had never spoke(typed) to any Americans at length, my opinion was based on the medias portrayal of you lot!
    I am quite happy to say not all Americans are obnoxious!
    In fact without the help and encouragemnet of some of you i wouldn't enjoy blogging so much!
    Thats why counselling training has been so helpful, it helps identify stupid prejudices and get rid of them!

  4. Also Gene dont be so mean about your brothers!

  5. Mean? That's the nicest thing I've said about them in the last 20 years! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh dear Gene! I am sensing some issues, i would counsel you but i am not qualified, lol.