6 Jan 2007

Counselling Homework, Task Seven Answers

Hello, Lets get back to serious issues now.
New readers this is part of my blog. I am training to be a counsellor at the moment, so i am posting homework as i go.
I have to play catch up at the mo, because this lot of homework i have already done and i am starting the next level on Tuesday!

So what did i learn about myself when i did the Johari Window?
My Public self or Arena: I am Friendly and Helpful. Also people know things like your name, age, where your from.
My Hidden self or Facade: I am Complex, Independent and Knowledgeable (not big headed, honest!), i know i also hide thoughts and feelings, fears and anxieties, also some aspirations.
My Blind Spots: I am adaptable,bold,caring,cheerful,clever,dependable,giving,idealistic,intelligent,reflective,

In my blind spots i was happy when my friends and family picked trustworthy!
To be honest the word choice and limits do affect the results in this interactive window, so until i am computer literate to do my own, this is what i was stuck with.

Was anyone brave enough to do the Nohari window?

My Public self: I am cynical, distant and smug.
My Hidden self: I am unhappy and aloof.
My Blind Spots: I am insecure, lethargic, boastful, chaotic, embarrassed, dispassionate,unreliable.

Only one of my friends and my sister would do this one on me, My sister found it quite easy to pick negative things about me! But i forgive her (sort of). My friend on the other hand found it quite hard (i love her!).

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