4 Jan 2007

Counselling Homework, Task Seven. The Extra Bit!

I will now give you the link to the Nohari Window.
This gives you the chance to list the negative aspects of your personality and allows your friends/family to contribute if you wish!
The Nohari Window

Will put my results up after a little while, not that i have any flaws!lol!


  1. My new site is up and new episode posted, go to old site for link

  2. Cheers sarge will check it out

  3. It is, of course, all your fault, that I am all depressed now!!!
    No, just kidding. I went and got myself a Nohari and a Johari window.
    The Johari is fine, but looking at the Nohari window is now going to become my daily exercise of how not to take things personally. Well at least not too much. I have to say though that it is not easy, when what you thought were your faults doesn't match up with what others think. Almost as difficult as the things that everyone agrees on.
    Oh well, I will take it and use it to, hopefully, better myself!
    I am determined!
    (Just let me convince myself...)
    The funny thing about the Johari window is that nobody so far has agreed with me on my strong points.
    Am I really that bad a judge of my own character?
    I hope this is going to be a bit less confusing for you!

  4. Already done mine and i was quite happy with the Johari window. But the nohari window i think you just have to take it on the chin! although some said they found it hard to pick stuff so just put anything!
    Thanks for checking out my blog and i hope you come back!