26 Jan 2007

Counselling The Poem!

Hello, as i am getting back into counselling mode i thought i would re post this poem that i put up when i first started blogging.
To me it sums up how you feel when you just want somebody to listen to you.
As i future counsellor i hope that i follow the sentiment of this poem and have the ability to help people by genuinely listening to their problems.
So next time somebody tells you about a problem of theirs, Just Listen.
I hope you like it.

" When i asked you to listen to me and you start

Giving me advice, you have
Not done what i asked.

When i ask you to listen to me and you begin
To tell me why I shouldn't feel that way, you are
Trampling on my feelings.

When i ask you to listen to me and you feel you have
To do something to solve my problems,
You have failed me, strange as that may seem.

LISTEN! All I asked was that you listen,
Not talk, or do- just hear me."

Author Unknown


  1. oh my word that is soooo true! they start yapping before you are even done talking! then i don't even try to talk again, it's no use, they don't get it at all. now my daughter is a good listener. i can go on and on and she doesn't say a word, then i'll say are you still there and she is, and when i stop talking, then she thinks about what i said for awhile before she talks, i love to talk to her. smiles, bee

  2. That is worth reviewing every so often isn't it.

  3. Wonderful poem. So sad the author is unknown.

  4. As Rose mentioned, it really is a great poem..

    Always a good read my friend..

  5. So true......and sadly when one does actually NEED advice or a problem solved too many people hear you talking but don't really LISTEN!!

  6. True, and sometimes hard to do.

    And also hard to understand the other person when they can't just listen...

  7. It is very difficult for us to sit and listen, but we should try more.

  8. I learned a long time ago, just say Yes Mam.

  9. That's sage advice, Caire. Unfortunately, I have been guilty of all the above.

  10. Hey E'bee i am glad you have someone who really listens, I am sure that the Sarge does his best as well. Feel free to go on and on at me any time.

    Hi vic, yes i felt like my counselling stuff was getting away from me, so i needed to review myself as well as the poem.

    Yes Rose it is sad indeed, i would really like to know the story behind that poem.

    Thanks Ryan, hopefully i will be providing some more thought provoking stuff soon.

    Ruth i know you know the sentiment of this poem very well indeed. I am hear to listen anytime.

    Skittles i think you could of written this. Maybe you should print it out and give it to that Doctor.

    Mags its very hard to do, because sometimes you get caught up in your ownself that even if you care about that person you can still not listen to them.

    Yes sgt dub i think the world would be a better place if everyone listened a little bit more.

    Sarge, make sure your listening though.

    Hey tomcat everybody has!