4 Jan 2007

Happy 400th Visitor!

Happy 400Th visitors to me! OK so i know that i have a lot of repeat offenders.
Many thanks to them.
Any new readers welcome!
Please don't be put off by the counselling stuff. i know it doesn't appeal to everyone, but please feel free to just read others comments. You never know what you might learn about yourself, i recommend anyone brave enough to try out the interactive johari window that i will be putting on my next post. This is where you find out what people really think about you, i was pleasantly surprised.


  1. Repeat offenders help make a blog interesting. Congrats on #400. Who gets the cigar? (Which sometimes is just a cigar)

  2. They most certainly do tomcat!
    Its not the amount of visitors i get that matters, its the comments they leave. I think thats what makes it more friendly, interesting and fun.
    you can have the cigar, if you accept the fact that it is indeed just a cigar!lol!

  3. Trust me, I get all the "what i need to know about myself" from my live in "Counselor", if you know what I'm saying.

    But don't tell her I said that.........

    please. lol.

  4. I am going to tell her!lol!

  5. Thankyou kindly skittles!