23 Jan 2007


I have mentioned the fact that I have tattoos in previous posts and people have asked to see them, so here you go! its all part of my photo phobia therapy (I can joke about it now , but if its anyone else with a camera i feel sick!) The Egyptian evil eye is in the first photo.

A dragon!

Another snake dragon on my left foot.

A little gecko.
This is at the bottom of back to the side and not easy to photograph at all.

The photos are a bit crap because i took them my self and its not an easy job, they all need to be redone as they are not as black as I would like them to be.


  1. hey cute tootsies!

    and mo has that egyptian thingy for his avitar! go see him and tell him to look! it's a blog eat blog world.... and you still have cheese, right? or did the midgets do it in? bee

  2. Very nice! But that's only 4... ;-)

    Didn't the one on your foot hurt?


  3. Erm not sure they are cute!
    I have informed mo and he replied, we both agree that its a powerful talisman to ward off evil!!!!
    Running low on cheese, they are hungry bastards!

    One on ankle is a small chinese symbol for dragon and another chinese symbol for courage on shoulder.
    Yes one on foot hurt a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love the egyption evil eye! If I was to have tattoos they'd have to be cool like the one on your foot :)

    I'm trying to remember the steps in installing Mr. Linky - I know I had to follow the directions 'exactly' and read it all very carefully. Perhaps I can help... if you'd like to email me :)

  5. Thanks heather! when i can face learning something new i will be emailing you!

    I hope he is happy it was a pain to photo them!lol!

  6. I love the gecko. I have the swan on my neck (the main pic on my blog). It hurt SO bad. lol I don't think I could stand to get another one! lol

  7. Nice pics this week..Thanks for letting us see them

  8. Thanks Skittles

    Cheers Erika, i love that swan tattoo! i thought i would only get one but ended up with six! haven't had any done for 5 years, got to stay away from the tattoo places!

    Cheers Amy thanks for the visit!

  9. Nice ink!

    I have one on my right hurt, but not as much as I thought it would...

  10. Fun tattoos! I have one on my foot, it's an celtic trinity knot. it hurt like hell, I give you a lot of credit for doing it more than once!!

  11. Well, I would share my tattoos, but that would mean that I have to shave my legs and now that we actually have snow... :-)
    I have two feathers on one ankle and the word dragon written in Japaneses on the other. I love the snake dragon you have on your foot! I am thinking about having one more tattoo but don't know where to put it... I want it to be in an inconspicuous place but also would like to avoid it turning into an abstract work of art as time takes it's toll... :-D
    What do you think?

  12. I don't know if you're aware of US commercials, but are you getting royalties from Geico?

  13. Cheers mags!my foot did hurt but as i didnt tell them to stop or faint it cant of been that bad!

    Thanks Katie, the foot was my last one! so not that brave, lol!

    Hey jeanine, well the one on my foot is my fav, but also love the ones that are at the bottom of peoples back.

    Not aware of that commercial tomcat, will have to get onto them!

  14. Hi !! Thanks for your visits...this is my first time visiting you i believe and your blog is the tats!
    I got my first one this summer on my ankle...a butterfly (i know, so typical...but it's got lots of color in it)'

  15. First time! shane on you Odat!lol!
    Thanks for the visit and tat comment!

  16. Love the dragon on your foot! I have a tattoo on my foot also... I almost passed out when he started down near the toe end of my foot... and normally I love the way it feels getting a tattoo but that one was quite a different sensation ...