4 Feb 2007

Happy 2000+ Visitors!

Happy 2000+ visitors!
Due to not being able to find an outright winner for the coveted 2000th visitor, although a certain someone was very close!
I have decided to do my own little tribute to my favourites at the moment, meaning whose sites i have been visiting regularly and they come to mine.
I am using some what cryptic picture link backs! (OK they wont be that cryptic!), let me know when you have found yourself!
No offense if you don't make it this time. If i really upset you, i will of course add you!


  1. What a unique and novel way to put up some of your favorite blogs! And I am, of course, thrilled and honored to be included - thank you! Though I'm not too sure how I like being associated with "Gross" (funny, I'm being funny!)

  2. Gosh, I can't believe I am linked up with a Bestest Blog Winner! :)
    That is a cool way to link to some of your favorite sites and I am honored to be one! :)

  3. ha ha ha, i KNEW that nekkid guy was my mo mo!!! too funny honey... great job.

    smiles, bee

  4. how many two timeers do you have in the first 20 decades.....

  5. What a clever and witty post!!!!

  6. You're so very clever :) I recognize a few :)

  7. You're too creative by half Ms Crippitt :-P

    What's worse is that I spotted mine straight away -thanks, I think!

    Couldn't you have cropped Morgens one a little higher? Right put me off my toast that has....


  8. Hey linda, i was inspired by the fuel my blog and 2000 blogger thing, so i thought it would be a good way to celebrate 2000+ visitors! I am very happy to include you. Gross indeed!lol!

    Hey Crazy, your welcome.

    Hey E'bee, when i saw that picture on his site,i thought thats the one! Did you find yours?

    Hey sarge, there have been two very special two timers!!!

    Cheers Ruth! did you find yourself?

    Skittles, I hope you are feeling better soon!

    Why thank you Chris! I just had to pick that image for you! also the serious lack of small pictures on your blog contributed.
    I may makes mo's bigger!

  9. Hi! I came from Tisha of Crazy Working Mom. Saw her post about you and decided to check it out.

    It's a cool way of presenting your favorite blogs. Nicely done.

  10. I'm sad that I wasn't included :(
    I guess I'll just have to keep working at making my blog better so you'll want to visit it more :)

    Very cool...

    Now I have to try and think of something for Manic Monday.

  11. :)

    thank you for including me!

  12. oh, and congrats on the 2000 visitors! Thats great!!

  13. Thanks heart of rachel!

    John you have made me feel terrible now! Yes get thinking about Manic monday, while i have a think!

  14. I found myself...but I am going to have to get a better looking bikini. I'm not sure red and white is really my color?

  15. Thank you so much for including us... you're a sweetheart!


  16. Yay!!! I made it!

    (This one doesn't smell like fish)

    Tee hee hee!

    Congrats on making 2000-that number is SURE to grow now that you've got bestest!!!!!!

  17. Great post. I´ve had lost of fun to guess who it could be and to "hover" my mousse in order to have a look if I´m right!

  18. Very creatively done, Claire!! And thanks!!

  19. Your welcome Ryan! thank you for not lurking all the time!lol!

    Hey Gene, your right it doesn't really set off your eyes.

    Your welcome W.O.V, it was a pleasure.

    Hey Mags, when searching for picture on your blog i had to pick that one!
    Thank you for having a great blog as well!

    Cheers Sanni i am really glad you had fun!

    Why thankyou Tomcat! remember size doesn't matter!(your fault for having no pics!)

  20. Wow....I am suitably just for your creativity of this post and two...that you honoured me by including me in your list....thanks tons!!!

  21. Thanks so much! I didn't mean to make you feel guilty...but I'm glad you put me in there :)

  22. Oh my gosh! I LOVE it. I relly think I should do a post on that story. Lol.

    thanks for the Link Love!

  23. I'm thinking it's a great likeness... and very glad indeed that no one can contradict you....

  24. Hey I found myself, thanks Claire. I don't know how to do that link back thing but it looks great.

  25. Hey thanks Claire!
    Still won't tell my secret though... :-)

  26. Claire, wow, I did miss this one, but thank you very much for the honor. This was very creative and an amazing job, well done. congratulations for a very nice site.

  27. That was a very creative and fun post!
    So glad you think of a nice little booty when you think of me!
    While I recognized over half of these right away, I shall have to come back and explore the rest -- if you think they're up to par, Claire, they gotta be good!

    And congrats again on Bestest Blog Of the Day - I'm so happy for you!
    ~ Mo

  28. Hey Smalltown RN, Thank you indeed. Now that i know what a small world it is, i am very happy to have included you!

    Hey John well it worked anyway! and i am glad to have put you in.

    Hey Erika, I had fun picking an image from your site! was going to go for more gory shot, but i loved this one!
    Any more thoughts on TT?

    Hey curmy i am glad you like it, you need more images on your site!

    Hey Vic, I am sure you can get your head round it if i can! Colorado Bob showed me how to do it.

    Hey Jeanine, no tactics work with you then!

    Hey Sgt Dub, I hope you liked my choice of image? i couldn't find one of you wearing the apron so i had to go with that!

    Hey Mo, of course i thought of you when i picked the booty shot!
    I am sure you will find that each of these blogs are good and very different!
    Thank You for the happiness, same to you!