23 Feb 2007

Happy 4000+ Visitors!

I have been very naughty and not done a Happy 100's post for ages! 2000 visitors in fact since i last did one!
Time has flew by since winning Bestest blog of the Day (thank you Skittles!) and Fuel my blog 'blog of the day', woo hoo!
These happy events where swiftly followed by Bloggers Cough and Internet deprivation! oh dear better start thinking of my happy place!
I was good and kept track of visitor 3000th and 4000th though!

So who was my 3000th visitor? it was.............................

(I hope you like the image i picked for you!)

And who was numero 4000th? it was.................................

Both of which are Repeat Offenders! so i am very happy, don't forget to click on the images and go and visit these two most excellent bloggers!

Thank you very very much to everyone else that visits and i hope you all continue to do so!
The messages that you left when i posted about my mum where lovely and it really helped me not bottle things up as usual.
Happy 100's will continue as usual from now on, so if you want a special mention keep on visiting me!
So whats coming up in the not so distant future? let me whip out my crystal ball...........

  • Friday feast will be next.
  • Hikes as usual (yes i am a hiking nut!)
  • Counselling homework.
  • Garden Challenge update finally!(they are all not dead! its a miracle!)


  1. Very cool. I feel very honored to be your 4000 visitor. I love coming here to visit your blog. It's fun and informative at the same time, what more could anyone ask for? I plan to be visiting for awhile.

    How's your Mom? Home yet?

  2. Wow! Now that's a milestone.

    **tosses confetti, flaming walnuts, and scooby snacks**

  3. Holy Crap.... I'm stuck around 2500 or so...

    Congrats. That certainly is quite an achievement.

  4. I should have sponsored you to get the 100 get so many! Congrats to the winners and congrats to you too. Looking forward to seeing the herbs. Hugs to your Mum. Hope Doc lets her out today.

  5. Poor Linda hahahaa! *Waving to John*

  6. Your welcome John! its well deserved award. Thanks for all the mum comments!

    Cheers Travis! loving the walnuts, ouch it burned! not sure about the scooby snack!lol!

    Ryan you are anything but stuck! one whiff of a new photo on yours and they come a running! also for your amazing wit!lol!
    Congratulate Ryan for not wetting the bed!

    Hey Ruth, i have been very lucky! i care about more about repeat offenders than the amount, they are what makes it fun!

    Cheers Skittles! Linda's not been yet!

    Cheers Tomcat!!! ferocious man!

  7. Well, thank you I think but couldn't you have come up with a better picture other than my "alter ego"?!? Sigh ... I knew I shouldn't have posted those results!

    What's really funny though is that my favorite dispatcher partner took the test and she got Saddam, too, so we've taken to calling ourselves the evil dictator dispatchers! Must be something to do with both us being Virgos and control freaks!

    Seriously, thanks for the recognition - it's been more than a pleasure to visit your blog and to have made it a daily part of my blog-reading! Now I'm shooting to be Number 5,000 so you can post a better picture!

  8. That picture was too funny! sorry Linda!
    I am laughing at the thought of the poor public being left in hands of two evil dispatchers!!!!!

    And i seriously appreciate your visits! the race is one for you to be blogger 5000! there will be a really special post for that one!