6 Feb 2007

I am Sick!

No not sick in the head , like a crazy lady, well actually??!!!
The Flu!!! is hovering over me like a cloud of doom!
Do i have the immunity to fight it off? hmm not sure.

I have dosed myself up now and i feel a bit better, not going to bed till its tablet time again!

Recipe for wellness so far!
  • Tesco's Cold relief capsules
  • Multi vitamins
  • Cicuta Vir (homepathic stuff)
  • Batchelors tomato cuppa soup
  • Poached egg on bread with tomato sauce
  • Water
  • Large Orange


  1. Sending you a whisky in hot milk with honey
    Get well soon....please!

  2. If that doesnt help cuddle up with the top picture here

  3. I sympathize. I worked overnight last night, came home around 4 went to bed for a few hours and work up sick. I can't breathe and I feel like crap.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Thanks Ruth! I feel somewhat better now.
    The second comment helped!

    Snap John! well i didn't work over night but symptoms sound the same.
    Thank you and i hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Have someone see if they can get you some Sambucol... made from Elderberry. It REALLY works!!! The faster you can take it, the better. Also try some lemon in hot water with a bit of honey. Hope you feel better soon... LOTS of fluids!!!!!!!!


  6. Oh i will look into that!
    Thanks for that!
    Drinking a bucket of water now, so i may wet the bed tonight!lol!

  7. Don't ralph on your poached eggs Claire...makes'em taste REAL nasty! LOL!

  8. 8(

    Poor Claire Rachael Pitt!!!

    I hope you get LOTS of rest and feel better soon.

    I'd make you home made chicken noodle soup if I lived closer. ;)

  9. oh honey! sick sucks!!! so sorry to hear this awful news....

    be better, smiles, bee

  10. You too?

    Must be Bloggers flu....

  11. I agree with Chris.. I just got over it! Hope you're feeling better real quick!

  12. Get better soon Claire, we all need you.

  13. I went home early yesterday and am home today with this junk! :(
    Ugh...I'll take some of that homemade chicken noodle soup that mags offered! :)
    Hope ya get better soon.

  14. Claire, I hope you feel much better in record time!!

  15. Gene no ralphing here!(it would be puking or spewing)

    Thanks Mags, are you poking fun at my name!!! I would love some of that soup!

    Thanks E'bee!

    Cheers Erika!

    Yep i got it too chris!

    Cheers Skittles.

    Lovely comment Sgt Dub! feel better already!

    Hope your feeling better Crazy!

    Cheers Tomcat!