23 Feb 2007

I have a new toy!!!!

Not that kind of toy! I know how your minds work.
Its a usb scanner, called Bear Paw 2400cu Plus! its cool, so i will be going through the old photographs.
The photo above is me and my sister Jemma (she is the one driving!)

Also thanks to Chris(via Skittles) i have put up my email address, using a E-Mail Icon Generator if you would like one of your own click here
I hope you have visited my 3000th and 4000th visitors! go on do it!

Mum update: She is home and back to annoying self!(which means she is looking well!)


  1. Glad to hear your Mum is home now and doing better.

    I have a three-in-one printer/copier/scanner and with my old computer, sometimes the scanner would work fine, sometimes not. But, since I got this new computer two weeks ago, the scanner works great, plus I now have a cd/dvd burner too so I can scan and save oodles and oodles of old photos over to cds or dvds now and have them handy that way to post on my blog or to share with friends/family or put into my family tree work as well! You'll have a blast with a scanning tool for sure!

  2. Really glad to hear your mum's back ok :-)

    Cool photo, your hair's not changed ;-)

  3. Great toy to have Claire. Glad Mum's home ok.
    Hugs to you all

  4. Good news about your mother; glad to see it.

  5. Happy about your mum, and now that you have a scanner, we expect 278 kazillion Claire pic. :-)

  6. Cheers Jeni! I am in deed having a blast! Its so cool being able to share these photos with my sisters and of course my blog family!

    Cheers Chris! and yes my hair hasn't changed except the colour!

    Hey Ruth, hugs right back atcha! expect many more photos!

    Hey curmy! love hearing from you! and i am sure you will give us new when your ready, feel free to email me anytime!

    Cheers tomcat, only young claire, no old claire! i developed a severe dislike to photos being taken! scurrying back up the bell tower now!

  7. Not that kind of toy?? Shame on me and my mind in the gutter!

    Scanners are great fun, though, and I'm looking forward to all sorts of pictures now that you've got one!

    Glad to hear that your mum is back to her annoying self!

  8. Lol! linda i am shocked and disgusted that your mind was in the gutter!

    It will be all sorts of photos indeed!

    Thanks for Mum wishes!!

  9. Pleased home life is back to usual annoying normal! As for the email generator . . .now we can bombard your in box as well as your comment box when you go off line . . .no hiding . . lol

  10. Send me an old Claire pic to PSP. :-)

  11. Cheers Tish!

    Hey Shaz, Thanks. Feel free to bombard me anytime,lol.

    Hey tomcat, you want me to send you an old photo of me? to your email or blog?

  12. Urghh a new one of me! there's not many! as i have said before i dont like photos much! can i ask why?

  13. Trust me. There is a method to my madness, and you should be pleased. The larger the picture (in pixels) the better.

  14. You have intrigued me! i will see what i can rustle up!!! who will see it?

  15. You and I. More is up to you.