21 Feb 2007

Mum Update!

Just heard from the hospital that mum has made it through the surgery fine and is now in recovery. Not spoke to her yet though, a nurse phoned on her behalf.
Will be seeing her tonight, so will know more then.

Thank you so much to everyone that passed on their Luck,Prayers, Thoughts, well wishes and good vibes, it really means a lot to me!

Just been to visit mum and she looks really well. They removed the 7 inch pin that was holding leg together originally, but that had embedded into the muscle(urghh). They then cleaned up the area and put bone putty in, which is a very expensive bone goo stuff! They then proceeded to do a small bladder operation and general tidy up in that area!
They have told her that she can come home tomorrow and after a few days rest, get back on her feet again and start walking (with the aid of a zimmer). But she will have to see the consultant again tomorrow before that is a definite.
I passed on all your wishes and she was happy (slightly bemused, as she is not sure that you all exist!lol!).

So a Massive Thank you off me and the mum xxxxxxxx


  1. Phew....

    I'm very glad to hear that...take care 'a you, k?

  2. Good one . . . take care & no eating her grapes!

  3. Whew! :)
    Thank goodness.
    We'll keep sending good thoughts your way for a speedy recovery!

  4. When I saw this I scrolled down to read the background info first.

    I'm so glad the surgery went well. Please keep us updated.

  5. Glad things went well for your Mum...."Ferry cross the Mersey" that was to funny....I have relatives across the Mersey....

    Cheers my friend

  6. Good news indeed, Claire. Perhaps she'd enjoy hearing thet your friends around the world wish her well.

  7. good wishes from sunny florida headed her way!

    smiles, bee

  8. Thank you Guys! I love ya all!
    All wishes were passed on and blogging about it, did make it easier for me!

    Smalltown i know about the relatives, you told me!Thats why i mentioned ferry across the mersey!lol!

  9. Hi Claire, Come visist the outer west of Newcastle upon Tyne & I'll take you on a walk at Chopwell (Northumberland). It's a beautiful place, very sureal & no spam so far . . .lol

  10. So happy for you and Mum, Dad too. I hope the recovery will be quick. Very courageous woman your Mum to go through all this and maintain a great attitude. Must be wonderful to have a caring daughter too. You must be a real blessing to her.

  11. So glad all wentwell. Meant to pop in this morning and wish you well but it's been a day and a half. Give your Mum a hug.

  12. You're so welcome, Claire, and she may be right. Perhaps we are a figment of your imagination.

  13. Sounds lovely Shaz, if i am heading that way i will definitely take you up on that! Glad you have been spam free!

    Thanks Vic, yes she is very courageous, but if you asked her she would just shake it off. Every time she is in hospital, she is the one who makes friends with everybody and makes them feel at ease! I know she appreciates me, my sisters and dad.

    Ruth,it doesn't matter what you pop in! Your day has been great and i am very happy you managed to include me in this special day!

    Hey tomcat, well i have got a very vivid imagination!

  14. That's really good news. I'm glad to hear that everything went so well.

  15. Good to hear the surgery went off ok and your Mum is doing fine.

    And, I loved your Wordless Wednesday pic too! If we could ever get my little princess granddaughter to sit on that particular contraption for more than 10-15 seconds at a clip, considering we've never been able to get her to actually produce anything while seated there, I think this might just be what that throne would look like if she were to sit there long enough to make it worthwhile. (She apparently takes after her uncle - my lovely son - who also had definite issues in that particular department many years ago!)

  16. Thanks John! sorry about your car troubles!

    Thanks jeni,
    One nephew would live on the toilet, the other is like your granddaughter and i laughed at your son's 'issues!'

  17. More best wishes for you and your mum. Glad to hear she's on the mend.

  18. Claire - very glad to hear the good prognosis for your mum! May she have a speedy and easy recovery! What, though, is a zimmer? Is that like a walker of some sort?

  19. You certainly must have a vivis imagination, Claire. Anyoue who could imagine me must be a very strange person. ;-)

    Best to your mum.

  20. Thank you very much Travis!

    Cheers Linda, yeah a zimmer is a walker.

    Lol!it must be all the books i read as a child.
    Thank you kindly tomcat!