22 Mar 2007

Counselling Information!

Hello, I have took on board the comments that have been left on my recent posts and realised that it would be helpful to me and you, if i have a whirl at explaining some of the different types of counselling that i am learning.
Sorry if this seems like back tracking, but i thought why would i talk about what questions a counsellor might ask you, if you have no clue what type of counsellor you want or need.
Also if you need to catch up on any of my previous counselling homework, just have a look on my sidebar categories and check out the counselling category there. This is also good if you want to skip past all the memes and pay per post stuff (which i know irritates some folk)

It will be in homework style but with my answers already provided. Questions, comments are welcomed and actively encouraged.

Do you like this idea? let me know while i am preparing the next counselling post for later on today!


  1. What'd I do deliberately? Lurk? You betcha - gotta keep you on your toes!

    (See, now I ruined it.)

  2. That would be interesting Claire, I had not realized that counsellors specialized in a certain type of counselling.

  3. An excellent idea, Claire. And it only took 5 minutes to find this. ;-)

  4. Hey Kai, naughty.

    Hey Vic, neither had i till i started this course, its very interesting.

    Hey tomcat, don't be cheeky!

  5. Claire, were I not cheeky you would think I was ill.