22 Mar 2007

Happy 100's

Welcome to my 'Happy 100's', hopefully the rules are clear now?
For visitor 6100 and 6200 they were Google searches or something like that, i wonder what they were searching for? The Meaning of Life?
Anyway visitor 6300 deliberately lurked and left no comment!
What does that mean? you guessed it, its Booby prize time!

So Kai here's your very own show! click on the images as they whirl around.
Cool Slideshows

Some people have no shame! to think she is a mother and wife to a Mountie!
Once again i would like to take this opportunity to thank all my visitors, feel free to sit back relax and browse through the rest of my blog. Its a friendly kinda place! Honest!


  1. People are going to wonder how many times I come here a day to be getting this for the (third?) time!

    And you mean to say that the time I purposely left no comment was #6300?? hehe

    You really didn't need to put my head on the wet t-shirt one... hell-o? That's me anyway honey :-)

    I might have to disagree with your statement about it being 'a friendly place'! Don't anyone ever get her going, because this is what happens to ya! :-)

    (She knows I love her anyway!)

    PS: My pimple is gone now.

  2. Hey naughty lurkers that do it for attention get served!
    Ooops i forgot wet tshirt one was you!lol!

  3. It IS a friendly place.

    People should leave comments.

    Like this one: Competition results and pics are up!

  4. Cheers Mags! I did a quick lurk and it looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!! But got to go bed now, will be over tomo for praise and stuff!

  5. lololol.... ahahaa.. Sooo funny!

    Jeez.. Makes me wonder what you woulda done to me.. ;}

  6. I'm not lurking, just making my second visit today. Have to stay on top of all the lurkers.

    This is a friendly place until someone pisses you off, and that would be the lurkers. They know who they are.

    Sleep well and I'll check in with you tomorrow before we head for the water!

  7. Pics not loading for me...shall pop back later.

  8. Pics not loading for me...shall pop back later.

  9. lurk, lurk... What happens to those in a booby trap?

  10. Oh my. Kai will need counseling after all of that!

  11. not lurking although I always check my number now just to play it safe,

  12. Good morning. The slideshow looks like fun. Don't have a clue what number I am.

  13. Pics not loading for me either.

  14. All I can see is a blank screen, too, but I didn't want to not leave a comment and be accused of lurking!

  15. I think its not working for those on Internet Explorer!
    If you click on the cool slideshows link and then get directed to another back, then click the back button it should work?

  16. hi claire! whew! sure am glad i didn't lurk here. you get busted! ha

    smiles, bee

  17. Like Sgt. Dub, I check my number each time, too.

    Can't be too careful.

  18. Damn right you get busted! hopefully in a funny way though. I might burst your accordion Bee!

    Better safe than sorry Curmy! Wear a helmet.