1 Mar 2007

Happy 4500th Visitor!

Bloody Random googlers! i don't mind normally, but when it interferes with my 'Happy 1oo's' i just wanna scream! (Not really i tend to exaggerate)
So i am not going to pick the absolute nearest to 4500 (they have already won before!), i am going to pick......
Ok i couldn't decide, so i want one of you to tell me why it should be you! you have a limited time, starting from now!

As usual i have confused those across the pond with the glorious word Minger!

Definition of a minger, It is Minger or if you like to follow picture links


  1. Oh I like that one - will have to remember it :-)

  2. Hey Kai, glad you like it. No reason why i should make you a 'Happy 1oo'?

  3. LMAO. Every bridesmaid dress I ever wore made me look like a Minger. It is part of the job.

  4. I learned a word more, lol and it itches in my fingers to get that girl loosing weight, change hair style put some make up on, make her smile and she would look like a human !

  5. hello?
    what the BLOG!? members?

    remember us, the ones who gave you really cool buttons to put on your blogs to show that you belonged to some kind of community and then promptly disappeared into oblivion?

    yeah, sorry about that.

    but, we're back.
    Check it out here.


    - Tiffany, Mikala, & Jen from What the BLOG!?

  6. Claire; I sent you that photo of me in confidence. You weren't supposed to PRINT it!......LOL
    Soon be 5000! Have a great day

  7. Haa haaa haaaaaa!!

    That's very funny. I have just the person to use it with too.

    I love new words!!!!!

  8. ruth.. We must be long lost twins separated at birth because I sent that very same picture to Claire as well... We really need to do something with our hair...



  9. Oh.. and ladies... I just read that spearmint tea can help women rid themselves of that unsightly facial hair... I might start bathing in it.


  10. Claire--

    I'm afraid to ask, but here goes... what's a chaz?????


  11. Hey - no one said why they should be made a Happy 100 so I'm going to pitch myself here ... again! Even though I have been honored to be named one of your visitors already I think you owe me a new picture and therefore NEED to designate me as another one of your Happy 100's! Please, pretty please?? I'm down on my knees begging here and trust me, being old and with bad knees - this ain't easy!!

    Oh, and as for the Minger - bloody hell but that dude is ugly! He fell out of more than one ugly tree or one that was as tall as a giant Redwood!

  12. Hey i am glad you like finding out what the word minger is! i am sure you all know someone who could quite happily fit into that description.
    The word 'chav' will becoming up next.
    I think the dude is a dude? but either way is damn ugly!

  13. Update on next word it will be in the next Happy 100 post.