8 Mar 2007

Happy 5000th Visitor!

Happy 5000th Visitor!!!!
Ding Dang Do!
How cool is this! Me getting 5000 visitors. Yes i know i am very lucky to have a dedicated band of repeat offenders (The Sidebar Lot) but i love newbie visitors too.
For those that don't know (shame on ya!) every 100 visitors i do a lovely little Thank You post. The person who hits the right number gets a Shout Out and photo link back to their site.
I have tracked down Visitor 5000, had a rummage around their blog.
This person is a blog veteran compared to me. As usual us bloggers are a photo phobic lot and at long last i found a photo (hope you don't mind, its a nice one!)

So congratulations Random Musings! welcome to my Happy 100's. I have had a read of her blog and its very good! The Dear Me post is great. So go and say hello or i will be angry with you!

Who could say it better than Cliff! (warning i may be taking the piss!)

If you are new to this blog, what can you expect?
  • Counselling Homework: Study along with me as i am training to be a counsellor.
  • Hikes: I am hiking to fitness (well attempting to)
  • Memes: Manic Monday, Wordless Wednesday, Thursday Thirteen, Friday Feast and Saturday Photo Hunt!
  • Garden Challenges: Where i attempt to make my thumb green (not doing to well on that!)
  • Improving the worlds understanding of British Slang, you big bunch of slags (taking the piss again,Kai)
  • Other Stuff!
  • Oh and lovely comments off my lovely blogging friends!

    Happy Birthday to Vic aka Cariboo Ponderer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats on 5000 hits, babe! Now that I've crossed the 10,000 mark, I can tell you it only gets better.

  2. Aww, how sweet! I'm honored. :)

  3. Hurrah!! Well seems hardly any time at all since you were still in the hundreds.

  4. Congrats to your 5000th visitor!

    But you are such a bratty one! You better watch it there missy, or I'll be 'taking the piss' soon too!


    (I swear, you make me laugh every day)

  5. Congratulations indeed to Visitor #5000!! Welcome to the Club!

    I bet Mercy's Maid could just bite her arm off and I'll have to have a butchers at her blog, I bet it's just cracking and the Mutt's Nuts!

    As for the song, though ...the singer seemed a bit of a sad wanker, definitely not my cup of tea! (Did I say that right?? Hate to think I dropped a clanger!!)

  6. Thanks Susan! It sure has been fun so far! Its feel like i have been blogging for years, not just 4 and half months!

    Your welcome Mercy's maid! i hope you enjoy the 1000's of visitors because of this honour!

    Cheers Ruth!!!! it has flew by and feels like we have been friends forever!

    Bring It On Kai!!!!!!lol! i love ya!

    Wow Linda you are like my evil apprentice! i knew all that tea was turning you English!

    Cliff is indeed a Sad Wanker, you got it Spot On!

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Congratulations on the success of your blog.

  8. Hi Claire; I was wondering what's happening with Tuckersville?