16 Mar 2007

Happy 5600th +5700th Visitor.

Welcome to the 'Happy 100's' with me your hostess Claire!(that's me there, holding the whip) not that i would ever threaten anyone.
There were no definite winners this time i am afraid.
But i still love you all and appreciate every visitor!
So i thought i would kick off St Patrick's Day early.
This is because i am still in a foul mood over loss of text book (its a little one, not a big one!) and need to distract myself before i demolish the whole house in another frenzied search. Think Tasmanian Devil on crack, got it? yep that's me!
without i cant do the rest of my counselling homework, so apologies to those that left comments i have not forgotten, Tomcat , Smalltown , Amazing Gracie , Heart of Rachel , Women on the verge , Ruth.
You all wrote helpful and in some cases personal things, so please don't think i don't appreciate it! That goes for everybody that comments on my counselling stuff!

So Top of the Morning to Ye! you fecks!
Watch the video clip! It is some of the best bits of Father Jack from the show Father Ted.
Yes i am recommending it!


  1. How sweet of you to mention me. Hope you can find the text book soon. I'm sure it's bound to turn up somewhere.

    Happy weekend! Take care!

  2. Aha! Chains required, whips optional, beware of dangerous curves.

    Hope the frustration or the cause for it ends soon. Have a great weekend.

  3. Sorry you can't find your textbook. Perhaps it is somewhere other than your flat? Car, friends place?

    Loved the video. Makes me want to have a spot of wine! Have a great St. Patty's day!

  4. And an early St Pat's Day to you! I know the frustration of not being able to find anything which has escalated to a much higher level ever since Amanda took to taking over the entire house!

    I hope your textbook turns up soon and has a good explanation for where it's been off, too!

  5. hi claire. honey i don't get british humo(u)r. do you? ha ha.. and i think my meds are really off today... crikey.

    smiles, bee

  6. What's the name of that show? It may have run on one of the PBS stations here... but I never had the chance to see it.

    I take it you are recommending?

  7. Happy St. Patrick's day for tomorrow to you too.

    Hope that darn textbook turns up soon.

  8. Cheers Hearts, at the moment i am clueless to where it is, but have vented some of my rage!

    Hey Jamie! I hope it ends soon too! Pop back tomo or after midnight my time for a touch of the Irish.

    Hi Comedy, glad you liked the video! Have a great boating weekend, you lucky devil.

    Hey Linda, frustration is the word for it! grrrrrrr!

    Hey E'bee, do you mean you didn't get the video?

    Hey Curmy, The show is Father Ted and yes i am recommending it. I love it.

    Hey akelamalu, i hope it turns up too!

    Thanks for visiting you guys!

  9. Could you have left it at the course.....any of your fellow scolars nearby you could borrow theirs...or could you find info online?

  10. Hey Ruth, i can find some info online but its more annoying not knowing where it is! its not pressing homework, i just like to keep on top of it.

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  12. Thanks Claire. I hope you find your book in short order.