18 Mar 2007

Happy 5800th+5900th Visitor

Welcome to the 'Happy 100's' with your hostess Claire.
No lucky winner again for visitor 5800! well technically it was an Indonesian visitor from Ryan's but as no one commented at that time no big shout out!
So he can have a token pair of

And who was visitor 5900? it was ruddy Linda again!
So she wins an imaginary teapot

What was the most funny thing about this? Chris was one away!lol.
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Up and Coming
  • Manic Monday: This weeks theme is CHIP.
  • Counselling questions revisited.
  • Memes and more memes.
  • Visitor 6000.


  1. I must remember to comment each time I visit so I don't get handed the BVD's!

  2. Alrighty there Missy, half star my A$$! (lol)

    I have my TT all planned out already - in YOUR HONOUR!

    Can't wait! :-)

  3. BVD's? do you mean the undies?
    Yeah comment or else you get the undercrackers!

    Ok 1 and a half.
    Eh it better not be too nasty, i can give it but i cant take it (i will cry!). Is it too late to say i love ya!

  4. Wow! I am so honored yet again! Should I make another acceptance speech while holding my imaginary teapot (which I wish I really had, it's quite the beauty!).

    Ahem ...

    It is once again with humility and honor that I stand before you to accept the award of 5900th visitor to Claire's Little Piece ... oh wait, that doesn't sound right ... uhm, hold on ... I am delighted to accept this small piece of Claire ... no wait, that's not right either ... let's try a whole new tact on this ... if I had some sort of bloody life outside of my freakin' computer then I probably wouldn't spend so much time visiting blogs but, because I don't and I can't think of a nicer thing to do with my free time, I enjoy my regular visits to Claire's blog where I am awarded for my lack of a life with a lovely imaginary teapot that I will add to my collection of 18 real ones with just as much pride as if it were real. Thank you! Thank you!

    Oh but I do blather on sometimes, don't I?? In all sincereity, thank you, Claire; if you didn't have such a great page, I wouldn't visit so often!

  5. hi claire! i'm up. can you believe it? i am acurally out of bed. i can't see where to comment on your chips blog, you know, the photo of the french fries? funny thing. no comment thingy, may be my pills though, sorry.

    smiles, bee

  6. If the Tour Manager showed up in those, I think I'd have to die laughing.

    My goodness, Claire! Where'd you find such hideous men's undies?

  7. I got to start commenting. The last few days I've been visiting but between a keyboard and mouse that didn't want to work and a headache that won't quit I haven't left many comments, but I'll make sure I comment.

  8. Oh Jeeeez....

    If I were that guy in the photo, I would be terribly embarrassed. Hung like a light switch.... Also, I would not be caught dead in those "tighty whities".. Boxer much more my style, or boxer-briefs...

    Ha ha...

  9. Oh, and sorry just now getting to this. Been a rough weekend..

  10. Thought Claire had taken that image off your site Ryan...

    Taunting me now Claire? I haven't forgotten your photographic slur on Kai's blog....revenge will be mine....

    Thanks for stumbling me BTW, I've had over 500 visitors already today :-O

  11. Trying my damndest to hit you on 6000...
    If you see a little red leprechaun (Norwegian cross with Santa Claus = Nisse)jumping in & out - that's me...

  12. Hey Linda, Glad you like the teapot!
    You sure have got that speech spot on! I am honoured that you keep coming back, but keep your hands my piece!lol!

    Hey E'bee, i am sure glad you have crawled out the pit!

    Hey Susan, whadda you mean? i think they are sexy!lol!

    Hey John, you don't have to comment if you don't want to, i don't mind a few regular lurkers. But i may just surprise you with an undie shout out!

    Hey Ryan,I am glad you prefer boxer briefs, feel free to send a picture and i will post it!
    And i am sorry to hear that you have had a rough weekend (i mean that).

    Chris would i taunt you?
    I was quite happy to stumble ya (no revenge please!)

    Stine, i am looking out for that red leprechaun!