30 Mar 2007

Quess where it bloody was? The Result!

Thanks for voting and i guess i should be Happy i found it!(but i am angry!)
Ryan should be ashamed of himself for trying to extort sexual favours from me without even having the book!lol.
Those that voted left at college were wrong.
Those that voted left at sisters after babysitting wrong
Those that voted left in car wrong
Please do not laugh to loudly! yes you have guessed it, it was on the effin bookcase! The same bookcase that i checked about 20 million times.
It was the
I wish i could say this was the first time i have misplaced something by putting it in a safe place, but alas no, i have a history of doing this. I am off to check the bookcase for my marbles!


  1. things are easy to lose when you put them away, ........

  2. You are old enough to learn an unpleasant truth. There is a group of invisible gremlins that run around after us to move things. They then wait anywhere from a couple of hours to a week to put them back.

    It is the "Gaslight" phenominon. The only way to defend yourself against madness is to buy three of everything so that you can find fater than they can hide.

  3. Oh Claire....I told you I didn't want to be right on this silly is that-on the bookshelf...

    But, I can't really talk-I'm the one who locked my keys securly in my car in my pocketbook the other day....

    Glad you found it anyway.

  4. Oh Claire!!!...I think one of your lurkers secreted it away and then replaced it!

  5. Grand! I'm so glad I'm not alone... I NEVER put anything in a safe place anymore. I just leave it wherever. I don't lose that much stuff these days...

  6. Well, I didn't guess bookshelf -- I thought I was the only one who does stuff like that.

    Glad you found it.

    I'll be back in a little while: So close this morning (6,995) that I may actually have a chance....

  7. that'll teach you to put stuff where it belongs!!!

  8. Darn.. I missed voting and the chance for sexual favors!

  9. Wahey I was right! Sorry to gloat, but it's always the most obvious place when you lose something - I know from experience!

  10. Claire, Are you left handed? My husband is and I think you are both related. He loses things that are right under his nose.

  11. Premature senility is a terrible thing... ;-)

  12. Sarge aint that the truth!

    Jamie, if i see one of those gremlins they are dead! I amo ff to order some more copies.

    Hey Mags, yes you were right :(
    I am glad you found your stuff too :)

    Yeah Ruth your right, those dirty lurkers!

    Hey Stine, we will have to form a club!

    Hey Curmy, no alas you are not alone and sorry you missed out!

    Hey Mo, lesson learnt!

    Hey Skits, so did Ryan!lol!

    I will remember that akelamalu!

    No comedy i am not left(cack) handed! is he my dad?

    Chris on your bike!

  13. hahaha!!! Sexual favours!

    YOU were the one offering to fly over here to the U.S.!!! :)


  14. *does happy dance*

    I got it right! (well, yeah. I've got a husband and two kids. I know these things. I think it's something in the diapers; it seeps into you and you know ALL)

    And the marbles might be over here; it's tournament season again. *wink*

  15. Lol Ryan, i would of done anything to get that book back! and it was on my shelf the whole time. So yes i was the one offering!lol.

    Hey Susan, you know me to well already! send the marbles back when you have finished playing, i need them!

  16. Glad you found it Claire. I must be slipping in my aged dotage! Why didn't I have Ryan's idea? :-(

  17. Lol tomcat! you little devil you!

  18. Woooooooooooooooooo!! I got it right!!!

    **does a wild Snoopy dance of joy while juggling reincarnated leprechauns and singing in the rain**

  19. Would you like me were I not? ;-)