17 Mar 2007

Saturday Photo Hunt! Drink

Happy St Patrick's Day!

For my Grandad, Himself Patrick Joseph Pitt 1936-1999. The Photograph is of my dad and Grandad, both handsome chaps.
Grandad was born on outskirts of Dublin and moved over here (England) as a young man where he met the lovely Lilian in Liverpool.
Herself Lilian Clarke 1935-1999

And to prove that my hiking hat is a family thing, i have put together a little slide show!
Have a DRINK for my Grandad and me+sisters! (Jemma and Heather)
Watch the Show

Cool Slideshows


  1. May the sun always be on your face and the wind always be on your back. Have a great Paddy's day, and don't forget to concentrate on looking a wee bit holy amongst all the green beer, just for the "saint" part.

    Love your 'Father Ted' picture show.

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Sorry about your comments ... but at least you were able to fix it =)

  3. Your grandmother was so beautiful. I'm raising one myself to them both!

  4. Yeah, yeah the Irish and the Italians ! these are men for sure, lol !
    Your hat show is very nice !

  5. Ah ha!! Now I can tell ya what I think. :)

    I love those photos.
    Great St Patty's theme.

    happy saturday.

  6. Your grandmother was very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your great memories. I enjoyed the slideshow. You have a beautiful family.

    A toast to all of you.

    Thanks for visiting.

  7. That show at the end was so hilarious. I love The Father Ted Show . First time I heard the word feck. I laughed so hard. Feck it! Drink! Arse! Have a great weekend. Thanks for the smiles.

  8. Loved the slide presentation.
    Nice shots of the rents. (that's parents for those of you in England)
    Mine's up

  9. Lovely photos and lovely memories. Thanks for your continued popping over and leaving your little pieces of you on my site

  10. I love the new photo shows. I've seen these around other blogs. Very cool.

    Happy St Pat's!

  11. Just stopping by to say Happy St. Pat's Day! Your parents make a good looking couple!

  12. Here's to them. Happy weekend.

  13. Happy St. Patrick's day to you

    Wishing you happy days ahead

  14. Happy St. Paddy's Day!

    Mine's up :)

  15. Wonderful slide show you silly hat girl!

    Your Grandfather and father ARE both very handsome.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  16. Happy day to you.WHat fun pics you have up!

  17. My Dad and my former husband both went in 1999 too... I drink to all 4 of them.

    You are invited to check out my blog and Photo Hunters post.

  18. You're still a riot in spite of losing sight of your textbook! Hope you find it okay..
    Loved your "sisterly hat show."

  19. great post, i tip my hat and have a sip of iced tea..........

  20. sick definitely sucks. the end.

    smiles, bee

  21. great pictures of you and your sisters. I was sure I left a message on here Saturday, but alas it is gone. Here's to your grandad. Any luck finding the book yet?

  22. hey claire love the pics, made me laugh, thankyou,hx (one of the dafties in a hat) x