29 Mar 2007

What the heck am I talking about?

Thirteen Things about 'What the Heck am i talking about? again'
Yes its back!
Some of these may be easy this time! as usual have a guess and I will post the answers later on!
Update: The answers are obviously there now....
  1. Daddy Long legs.

  2. Knickers.

  3. I need some kip. I need some Sleep
  4. Knob is Knob.
  5. Hey have you cacked yourself? Yep I mean have you ever pooped your pants!
  6. Anybody got a cardie i can borrow?

  7. That's a load of cobblers. Load of cobblers means nonsense
  8. Pass me the digestives.

  9. I don't do duvets. Meaning that some dry cleaners don't wash Duvets

  10. You dirty gobshite. Some who talks a load of crap!gobshite
  11. Don't give me any gyp. Don't give me any cheek!
  12. I didn't do owt. I haven't done anything.
  13. What a wazzack. When the Brits call somebody a wazzack, it’s a friendly way of telling them they are idiots.


  1. Won't cheat by explaining these. Be interesting to see what some of your visitors think of them.

  2. If you're speaking of digestive cookies...I LOVE 'em~

    My ex-mother-in-law used to get them all of the time (she's from England) and they were GREAT!

    I also miss Battenburg. I don't think I spelled that right...oh well.

    I went on a little hike today is up

  3. Knickers! I know knickers... and knob... well... I think I know that one... *grin* Cardie... isn't that a sweater?? Digestives... what is that? Like, Tums?

  4. Cute TT!
    I enjoyed it.
    Happy TT!

  5. a spider
    heh, don't know
    bed covers
    anything, nothing
    # What a wazzack.

  6. oops, and the last one: jerk?

  7. a pair of knickers is underwear and a duvet is a type of bed cover.

    In my neck of the woods daddy long legs is a type of far as the others go I haven't a clue.

    Maybe I should do one of these for Southernspeak....:)

  8. So now I am thinking that 1/2 of them are rude, have to get my mind out of the gutter here.
    Can't wait to see what they really are.

  9. I think I might know what two of them mean!

  10. I will definitely check back to get the answers -- I can't even hazard a guess on most of them. My TT is also posted.

  11. 1. Spiders. We call them that here too!
    2. Pants?
    3. Weed? Lol just kidding... I have no idea
    4. As in a mans private part?
    5. Did you crap your pants?
    6. Anybody got a tampon?
    7. Bullsh!t
    8. Those things are so good. I eat them like cookies! yumm
    9. blankets?
    10. You dirty whore?
    11. Don't give me any bullcrap?
    12. I didn't do it?
    13. no idea....

    Hahah. I know I'm probably wrong on ALL these... excuse my 'French" aka bad language.

  12. 1. spider
    2.short pants for boys
    9.cover that goes on a coverlet
    10.calling someone a dog???

    Just guessing!

    Check out my TT

  13. Oh my gosh...when I was a kid I used to watch teh daddy long legs crawl all around. Neat list!

  14. I'll just consider this one a learning experience since everyone has guessed the 80% I know and I haven't a clue about the others.

  15. I married a Limey, so it would be unfair of me to give them all away!
    But #3 (kip) is giving everyone a hard time. It's SLEEP, is it not? My Granny-in-law has a kip every afternoon.

  16. well since i got here so late, i got to read all the answers above! ha! but good one claire!

    smiles, bee

  17. Hey your a trainee counsellor+ I start my second year in counselling training this sep. Or at least will if i can get on the course!

  18. While I 'think' I know a few of them, I'm not even going to hazard a guess - I know how tricky you are :-)

  19. OK, mine's finally up - 12:58am my time... it's inspired by you in a way... but isn't it always? :-) Here I am, thinking about all the extra 'beaver' traffic you're going to get!

    13 search engine queries that'll reach The Buzz Queen!

  20. Mine's up too. I got quite a few of these, mainly 'cause my former mother-in-law is a Yorkshire woman and a teacher... But the gyp and the wazzack stumped me!

  21. And yes - it was you!!!! Honestly.

  22. Lol at Erika's no6. :-D

    You are going to get a few strange looks if you're in the UK when Aunt Flo calls and you ask for a cardie....

    Claire, you are beyond all saving :-)

  23. Lol, more naughty Brit phrases! Happy TT!

  24. I think I know some of them, I am wondering, maybe daddy long legs is something else besides a spider?
    I loooove digestives!

  25. I know a couple of them, but What a wazzack, has me befuddled.

  26. 1) Spider
    2) Underwear
    3) Food?
    I've no idea about the rest.

  27. since us Yanks call a daddy long legs a 'daddy long legs' I'm guessing that over the pond it's actually a crane fly.
    But I'm pretty sure a cardie is a sweater and NOT a tampon!!!

    And I can't wait to see what a wazzack is...

  28. Ahhh! This is a kewel application! I must HAVE! NOW!

  29. OH! BTW, thanks for stopping by my place.

  30. I just checked your sitemeter (just click referrals and you can see what brought them) - you have a couple funny google searches today:

    1. "listen fish and chips and vinegar" (you are on pg#1)

    2. "blog therapy gestalt 'blogspot'"

    How the heck do you listen to fish and chips????


  31. But then again - you probably already knew that and were just asking to see if I would take the time and explain it all to you, right? ~snort~



  32. What the heck? Where's my picture?

  33. Kai, have you drank too much coffee?

  34. whew these are good ones let's see..
    Don't know
    back talk

  35. Claire, First, you know I'm pretty good about leaving comments, but recently I have found myself running down to the site meter just to make sure. You know, if Blogger crashed before I got to publish a comment, anyway.....
    ah, digestives, we pick those up over at Camp Souter all the time. That and my chocolate milk, whole cream. mmmm mmmm good.

  36. I know digestives and knickers and one of the more expressive ones... but most, I'm at a loss.

    I need to memorize your lists before we visit relatives over there so they can laugh at an American accent speaking their language. Great list.

  37. Some of these I'm totally guessing at, but some I've picked up from reading books set across the pond. :)

    Daddy Long legs.--they're spiders here


    I need some kip.--money?
    Hey have you cacked yourself?--gone crazy?
    Anybody got a cardie i can borrow?--pen?
    That's a load of cobblers.--something is ridiculous
    Pass me the digestives.--some kind of cracker or cookie, I think.
    I don't do duvets.--duvets are big fluffy comforters here
    You dirty gobshite.--a potty mouth?
    Don't give me any gyp.--don't be a smart aleck?
    I didn't do owt.--didn't do anything?
    What a wazzack.--crazy person?

  38. Hmmm...I can take a stab at a couple of them but not sure on many of them. When are you posting the "answers"? :)

  39. Hey guys thanks for visiting and the great answers so far.
    I will post the answers in about two hours from now!

  40. Maybe I got half... maybe... but I'll wait for the answers... and I don't believe I've ever heard "wazzack."

  41. Not participating, but don't want to be accused of lurking...
    1. spider
    2. pants
    3. nap
    4. wanker, willy
    5. Don't know
    6. sweater
    7. rubbish
    8. antiacids
    9. Don't know
    10. smart mouth
    11. lip
    12. anything
    13. idiot

    How'd I do for a Yank??? Have a great day Claire.

  42. I love doing this! its keeps me laughing all day!
    Some of you did brilliantly and some of not quite brilliantly :)
    Erika a Tampon? lol!What a wazzack!

    Kai thanks! i am now near the top of the list for google seaches on Knob and gobshite!lol!

    Do you mean battenburg cake mags?

    Hey Freelance, i start the diploma in September (well hopefully anyway)

    What do you mean Chris? i am providing a valuable information service. hmmph.

    Thanks for all the visits and your attempts at trying to figure out what the heck i am talking about!

  43. Comedy you did pretty good!

    Curmy i would never call you a wazzack, chris on the other hand?lol.

  44. If you're going to be rude, at least spell it right.



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  46. I wouldn't have known any of them
    Very interesting.
    My T13 is up.

  47. Chris chris chris! it doesn't pay to be a smart wazzack.

    You say wazzock, I say wazzack!

  48. Yup...battenburg cake. They were YUMMY! When my ex's uncle would come visit he'd fill his suitcase with tea for my ex-mom and battenburg for me and Matt. LOL. Oh, and Smarties for Matt too.

    They used to sell the Battenburg in my international section at the store, but they don't anymore.

    I suppose I could make it. But it wouldn't be the same.

  49. Those are funny, and I would never have figured most of them out!
    I played too :-)

  50. Haven't a clue is it a game? I suck.

  51. My education in proper English continues!

  52. I guess I'm rather late for guessing because seeing all the other comments, I could easily cheat! :-)

    Happy TT!

  53. Man, I'm too late to guess today. Darn it. Gotta stop playing with my kid and tend to business, huh?

    Happy TT, my blog friend!

  54. Wasn't Daddy Long Legs the name of a movie/book? It's an interesting list. I can't wait to see the right answers.

    Happy TT.

  55. I only lurked on this one but it was hilariously funny to read people's guesses!

  56. Hi Claire, just popped back in to see how I did. If I'm going to chat with you daily I just have to know what these words mean. It was fun. Perhaps I'll do a TT in the near future. Toodle Pip my friend...

  57. Hi Claire

    The only one that confused me was wazzack. Must be a northern saying. Down in the south, where I originate, the call the person a prat, which is still meant to be friendly,

    the Brit

  58. There seems to be some folks confused, all the answers are up now!
    Feel free to leave a comment if you are still confused.

    Hey comedy i hope you are enjoying your english lessons, i might test you!

    Hey linda, i love the guesses!

    Hey Brit, i dont use the word wazzack much but i did know what it means. I use Prat a lot!

  59. Jenny mcb sent us over to look. Great list you have! What YOU call "Daddy Longlegs" we call a "Golly Whopper." Daddy Long Legs is a mite that looks like a spider.
    What you show as "knickers" wouldn't be shown where I come from! Sleep is "shuteye," Ahem...on the knob. I'm going to borrow the "cack," the "gobshite," and the "wazzack." I will admit that it will sound silly rolling off of my Texan tongue. I can do nought about that. I'm off to read more of your posts! So glad Jen mentioned you!