2 Mar 2007


This is the new thing from the absent for a while what the BLOG!?
Every other Friday, you post what or who you think deserves an ass hat that week.
Click any of the above ass's to read more on it.
So who gets my Ass Hat? My Nephew Ewan, for stopping suddenly on the playground and falling flat on his face, he is a plonker.

Click on photo, to see it up close, its a beauty!


  1. Oh My! That is a doozy. One of the truths about young children is the fact that they have an almost endless supply of ways to scare you to death.

  2. OMG-that's horrendous looking! Poor little guy. 8(

  3. Being a bit naughty here as feeding Mick with one hand and popping in to see you at the same (I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous...LOL) just couldn't resist seeing what you'd posted for this. Poor little Darling....that's a real shiner! Would send a steak over for him to put on it but as you know I don't share steak!!!!...will frozen peas help?

  4. Claire,

    Thanks for participating! :) I love your entry. Ouuuuuch, poor kiddo!

    Hey, how does that Mr. Linkies work? I just can't understand it.

    The Ass Hat Awards is a bi-weekly contest, so entries aren't due until next friday (to give everyone a chance to post a great entry and read other entries too!) :D and then the awards will be given the following Friday.

    You are the first entry, congrats!


  5. Hmmm, this is something new that I shall have to look into! I can think of a few people that would definitely qualify for an Ass Hat Award (myself included sometimes!)

  6. That hurts. Hope he's feeling better.

  7. Now that's a shiner! Congrats to the little man.

  8. He must be proud!

    Hope he's not still in pain.

  9. Wow, what happened there? Did I miss the story?

  10. Asshat award? You have to be a guy to understand the beauty of a black eye. It's a right of passage.

  11. He looks good with it, in fact, I may have to post the pictures of me from a couple of summers ago. Thanks for the pics and the fond memories.

  12. Hey thanks you guys for commenting.
    No he is not in pain, when i picked him up from school he was sat there eating his sandwiches and will be fighting fit for for Rugby tomo! and no doubt showing it off.
    If anyone else wants to nominate an ass hat you have till next friday to do it! so this post will appear at the top again next friday.
    ps. Ruth you are multi talented!

  13. I just came for Sgt. Dub's site! What a guy for sharing his Ass Hat award! Yep, guys wear these things like badges of honor...I bet he was scared at first. I would've been!

  14. Hey A'gracie, he wasn't scared at all, wasn't sgt dubs post excellent, it made me laugh!

  15. Ha ha!! That is too funny. I use the term Ass Hat all the time..

    May have to look into this and nominate myself, as I do tend to make an ass hat out of myself on a regular basis.. :)