10 Apr 2007

Happy 100's

Welcome to the Happy 100's, with me your hostess Claire! This my post where i update you on what i have been doing and of course thanking all my wonderful visitors!
I have been totally rubbish at posting and commenting lately! It must be this time of year, birds tweeting, sun shining, it really gets me down! So a thousand apologies for me turning into the lackadaisical blogger once more.

So who has lurked recently on a 100 mark without leaving a comment? That would the Sarge! I threatened him with Hilary but did that deter him? nope, so how shall he be punished? To be fair he doesn't lurk without commenting much but on this occasion i did catch him at it and i will have to make an example of him! Sarge Charlie

Who else lurked? bloody Ryan! he is getting so many visitors that i am not even going to provide a link!

Who hit the spot and commented? It was Stine from Mothers Home , what wonderful thing should i present to Stine for this amazing achievement?
Reasons to go to her blog
  • Lovely Photos of family and Norwegian scenery.
  • Interesting Norwegian food, check out the Smalahove.
  • The quest for blog millions.
  • Loyal visitor to my site!

So click on the snowy landscape and visit her!

So what have i been up to?
  • The Easter Bunnies Egg Hunt continues have you all been over?
  • Transferring stuff over to new counselling blog, been very lazy with this!
  • Youngest sister Heather is visiting at the moment.
That's all for now!


  1. Laughing at Sarge Hillary.. too funny! Have a nice visit with your sister :)

  2. Morning Claire (Evening for you)... Sarge Charlie is too busy playing poker to care about lurking right now, but he's going to laugh is arse off when he see's this. You are a hoot. Enjoy the spring. It happens to all of us! Have a good one.

  3. You've been a busy girl, but not too busy to get that whip out I see!!!

  4. I know what you mean Claire, I've only been a winter blogger, it's quite distracting this time of year....

  5. Hi Claire. Better watch it or we'll take your whip away. ;-)

  6. Oh dear, when Sarge gets back from his cruise he is not going to be a happy man what with Sarge Hillary waiting for him! That's one of the meanest "lurking prizes" I've seen yo dish out yet!

    Sounds like you are having some excellent weather over there while we are still in the throes of winter with a possible snowstorm predicted for Thursday! Is there no end in sight???

    Oh well, at least I have no great desire to go outside and abandon my blog though a little warm weather would really, really be nice right about now!

  7. It happens to the best of us...blogging worries post when you want and what you want. It was a beautiful sunny day today but I had to sleep ...the old post night shifts....I feel like life passes me by when I do night shifts. Tomorrow I am hoping to get outside and do some more clearing and planting....


  8. It's all that stopping by the mirror to admire your new red hair that's slowing you down...LOL

  9. Yeah - where's that picture of your new do??

    Hey - I tried to donate earlier - I thought I could use paypal and it would be easy, but I had to try to get the credit card to work and it was a no go :-( Perhaps because it's overseas? I don't know. I figured I'd try again tomorrow and if all else fails I'll call Mastercard.

  10. Sarge Hillary...that has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
    Heh heh

  11. Thanks, Claire - I've totally missed this - sorry!!!! Not into this read more business yet... Will pay attention from now on, and will get up the courage to try it out myself soon!!! Thanks again!!!

  12. Oh no, anything but that..........
    sorry I missed this