16 Apr 2007

Happy 100's

Welcome to My Happy 100s post, where i thank you for reading my blog!
Every 100 visitor that arrives at my blog (one that i can track down) gets a wee mention here. If you lurk i may or may not punish you! Check out my previous Happy 100s posts if you want to know more.
I don't dislike lurkers, i just like having a bit of fun sometimes and yes i lurk often myself!

Yes that's the real me!lol! you wouldn't want to see the panties really.
So who deserves a mention this time? It was? Quilt Nut So hop over and check out her amazing quilts and cards, also vote for her too in the bloggers choice awards.

I would also like to thank everyone that took part in the egg hunt thing, it meant a lot so thank you! and i am sure there will be more to come like that again in the future.

What's to come?
  • Memes of course!
  • Back to College tomorrow, so more Counselling stuff at last! I haven't totally sold out yet.
  • Panties! only joking you big bunch of pervs.
  • Whatever else pops into here (my brain)
  • You lot voting for me to win best blog!
  • Ruth's Birthday Tomorrow!


    1. Pretty cool idea, I'll be sure to keep coming back...maybe one day I'll be one of your 100. :)

    2. I lurk daily your blog and almost all the others on my list of "favorites" and sometimes I comment too. A lot of the time though, I just feel others have said it as well, if not better than I could, so leave it stand at that. And then, every now and again, I get the verbage in gear!

    3. I'll have to comment more often so I'm not accused of "lurking". We all recall what happened last time..

      Speaking of which, I haven't forgotten. Some day, when you least expect it............

    4. That's it Claire, enough of the fun stuff, back to your studies.

    5. I'm not lurking Miss Whiplash.

    6. Ooooooh. Just trying to nail them down because chains are required

      whips optional

    7. hi clair, i am no lurker........

    8. hi claire. it's me, bee. not lurking. ha ha ha ha

      smiles, bee

    9. Me again, I see you got a Bhudda on your pointy thingy!! :)

    10. Claire,
      I rarely lurk on your site. In fact, I use you most of the time. Blogger still hates me on this computer and I comment here, on your site to log me in, then I can post. But today, I'm just commenting. Tell Ruth Happy Birthday.

    11. Hey Silver, yes keep on coming back!

      Hey Jeni, you are welcome to lurk anytime! also comment when you get out the verbage.

      Hey Ryan, it was just a bit of fun! jeez, if you rise to the bait.

      Hey Ruth, done my work! Hope your having a great birthday!

      Hey Akelamalu, the whip is itching to get someone.

      Hey Jamie, what are you suggesting!

      Good boy Sarge!

      Hey Bee, i don't mind you lurking.

      I love the Buddha! thanks for pointing it out to me! will mention it in the next update post i do.

    12. You use me to log on! Sgt Dub should i be flattered?

    13. Claire, you have never looked cutier. Farting and your potty pants. Just ducky my dear :)