17 Apr 2007

Happy 100's

Welcome to my Happy 100's with me Claire! Guess what i have hit the spot(minds out of the gutter), over 9000 visitors! woo hoo!
Keep on reading to see who the lucky person was and what else is going on in the world of Claire.

So who was my 9000th visitor? Well pull up a chair and move in! it was Quilt Nut again. Well she is still making awesome quilts so hop over and say congratulations! She is keeping us hanging on a so far scary pregnancy tale!

Cool Slideshows

What else is going on? Its Ruth's Birthday!
Ruth is a wonderful person, but unfortunately she has bad eyebrows! and i can't find the bloody picture of them!
You wouldn't believe how amazing she is, even if i told you.

Have you noticed the Buddha? i found the site over at Akelamalu's site, if you want one head over to the site by pressing button located at the top of my sidebar.

Hmm what else? Head over to Piss Takers
lots by following this link or the one in my sidebar! if you do this i win sweets!
I've heard that there are man boobs there?


  1. Congrats to both you and quilt nut. I hardly get a chance to draw breath and you've notched up another 100!

  2. Wow, congratulations.

    PS I tagged you.