27 Apr 2007

Happy 100's

Welcome to Happy 100s, with me Claire. Firstly i had to deal with headache from hell, my mum suggested maybe i was on the computer too much (she is locked in the basement now), then shit internet provider of the year conks out again! grrrrr.
So what's the one bright spark in my otherwise dull day? My lovely visitors! As i am typing this now, the lights are flashing on my live box again,NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I will put my head through the computer if it goes off again.
Keep on reading to see my brain explode...........

Brain explosion here!
OK thats a slight exaggaration but it is very very annoying. It has gone again so i will have to copy and paste this into notepad, then paste it back again later to publish! Taking deep deep breaths and carrying on (but i am full of rage)
I have emailed the 'shit providers' and have so far received an automated reply, so will keep you updated on that.

Nobody has hit the spot lately(the 100 spot) unless
Skittles was in Portugal and Mo was in France? If you were please tell me.

So i just want thank you all for continuing to visit me and apologies for not commenting as much as i should. By the time i get up to date with my blog, emails etc something goes wrong, so thanks for being patient with me.

Up and Coming (reasons to come back)
  • Tagged and tagged again!
  • Friday Feast
  • Sending out questions to my willing victims, i haven't forgotten you!
  • Saturday Photo Hunt, i must remember the right theme so i don't have to do last minute thinking.
  • Counselling Homework, have to show some intelligence left.
  • Secret Project: want to know more? It's a Secret!
  • Continuing work on my counselling blog: Takes longer than i thought to transfer posts over!
  • Bridesmaid Challenge Update: Scary Mo dress.
  • Gardening Challenge Update (not good)
  • Secret Purchase!
  • Hopefully hiking again on Sunday, so the tortoise will get his arse into gear.

    This of course will only happen if the internet is working.

    Well as
    Sgt Dubreminded me i am nearly at the most awesome number of 10,000 visitors. I think that calls for music! I thought some happy dance music would be appropriate, so speakers at the ready.

    P.S. This post only took me four hours to write.


    1. Hi there Claire,
      just wanted to let you know, that I am back, alive and kicking!

      Happy 100!

    2. I do like that video. I don't even have to turn my speakers on.

      What were you saying?


    3. Hi,
      I can't wait for the coming attractions. The music especially the video, was interesting. I am always surprises when I like something other that classical, country or classic rock.

    4. I can sympathize with you on the internet trouble. We went through that not too long ago.

      Damn! How'd you know I went to Portugal???

    5. I was going to book a holiday to go on Monday but with all that to look forward to I'm staying put!!! ;)

    6. Interesting video, I worked in an office like that once, um, no that was a dream I had, never mind.

    7. hey i think that was my in portugal, not skit, what do i win? ha ha ha...

      and i was doing the dance with those gals, sarge thought my arse looked HOT when i got on top oh his desk!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

      smiles, bee

    8. That was awesome Claire...Loved the music and the vid. Great job.

    9. Color me excited about Bridesmaid Talk!

    10. OMG! I never knew you had that video of me in the office!!!!!!

      I love the questions . . . .really cheered me up but can we ajust no. 4 back to the original?

    11. Obviously I am missing a great deal by working as a solo. I need to get into a larger office setting.

    12. Wow, that was an interesting video.

    13. Aside from maybe releasing a little "internet angst" with the letter, let us know if you ever get a real response from them and get things operating in the correct manner from then forward. Good post under duress though kid!

    14. Congrat's Claire. 10,000 is great!!

    15. Glad you're back Claire.

      I have to say my office isn't that glamorous ;-)

    16. I was in Portugal, as a past two time winner, i should have first choice of prizes, however if it that music, it sucks, got any buck owens, or eddy arnold, or something good like that.

    17. That vid was so much fun. I shall spare the world the anguish of watching me duplicate it.

    18. Geez, with all you have going on, when did you get the chance to film that video? That was you crawling across the floor with that letter in your mouth, wasn't it???

      Hope you got your "shit internet" all fixed for now and that it doesn't go out on you again! Ours was down briefly earlier this evening and I thought Amanda was going to have an epileptic seizure!