19 Apr 2007

The Many Faces of Claire!

Thanks to Kai at The Buzz Queen for this, very very interesting! I hate photographs of myself, but for the sake of science i have succumbed!

Have you wondered what I would look like old? My eyes!
As a man? Holy Crap I am my Dad!
As a Afro-Caribean

As a Eastern Asian

As a Botticelli Painting

As a Monkey

As a Mucha PaintingHow cool is this site! to go and freak yourself click here


  1. ROFL!!! Oh those are great! Look at your teeth in the Caribbean one!

    What a hoot eh?

    Your painting one is really good!

    Do you think we'd ever get lucky if we were men? hehe

  2. I don't know why my teeth turned out like that!

    It is a hoot indeed! but freaky.

    I was always destined to be an artists muse!

    Hell yeah we would get lucky! probably chatted up by ryan when he is in his 'other' get up!lol!

  3. LOL Brilliant and how brave to post them!!! Got to have a go myself...can't guarantee I'll post the results though!

  4. hah thats cool. I actually have a program on my computer where I can morph one thing into another. I morphed me into my sister. It was wierrrrd!

  5. Can't see much difference with the second one up from the bottom....

  6. OMG! You didn't age too wll hun . . . lol. You & Kai were very brave to post ----> leaves the room laughing

  7. Oooer, that's wierd, especially the monkey one!!!

  8. honey you are an ugly monkey. i hate to be the one to break it to you. do not, repeat, do not, become a monkey. got it? alrighty then, back to where you were before this interruption. (crikey what a scare!)

    smiles, bee

  9. Egads! Young lady, stop playing with your face. It could get stuck that way!