3 Apr 2007

Not intense yet!

Hey guys not intensified myself yet! i will be doing it tonight instead.
So at the moment i am more like this

Don't forget i haven't purchased a camera yet, so will have steal/borrow mates camera to get a photo of hair when it is done (boy you are a demanding lot, will have to do one of that nipple soon!)
I will look something like this
Update: i am sat with dye on my head now!(18:20)
New update: yes i have washed it off! no pictures till the weekend!

Which one did my hair turn out lik


  1. Wow that's going to be some transformation!!!

  2. Wow. Please warn us when said nipple is posted.

    I'll have to work up for that one.


  3. I'm with mags...warning please. Want to see the red hair NOW!

  4. The top photo is an improvement over your profile pic anyway......

    You're going to turn into a mermaid? Cool, post photos please!

  5. 10.15 now so hope you didn't doze off and forget to wash it out!

  6. As soon as it gets dark, I shall step outside to see if I can see the glow on the eastern horizon. I fully expect the UK tabloids to have morning headlines about the luminescence and questioning whether we have visitors from another world. ;-)

  7. wow, i guess dyeing your hair is a big deal

  8. Gee - that first one is how I've had you pictured all along!


    Can't wait to see!

  9. Claire, there is no mercy from this lot is there? I think you look better without the beard. Looking forward to the pictures. How much further do you have on the camera fund?

  10. The dye is washed off now!
    Didn't you all know that hair dye has magical properties?


    Well tomcat i have been accused of not being from this planet before.


    Hey sgt dub no mercy at all!
    i am nearly there on my camera fund, just waiting for the ppp's to hit my bank account. Thanks for asking!
    In about two weeks i should be going shopping.

  11. Amazing that a bit of hair dye will turn you from a demented leprechaun into a sexy mermaid!
    can't wait for pics!!!!

  12. You will have to wait for pics! should be near a camera this weekend if your lucky!

  13. What was wrong with my and Chris' comments? Huh???


  14. did the girl in the red dress have hair? I didn't notice.

  15. I'll just cross my fingers and hope for the best!

  16. And as the stars came out, I looked to the east, and lo, I beheld a light shining red that pervaded the heavens.....