15 Apr 2007

Panties part two!

Well the first post created a lot of interest so i thought i would share something i discovered.

That's right my previous post got a hit from someone searching for men in panties!
So i investigated further and there is a website! Look at this peach from the site!

But who would search for such a thing? My bet is Chris or Ryan!lol!

For those that thought the lady in the first post was me!!! This last image is more like it! I wish, but i do have knickers like that!


  1. I don't know about that first picture, but the second one? YEOWSA baby!!

  2. I am allowed to lurk on this one.....

  3. Does that mean you like it then trav? lol.

    So you like men in panties sarge, you never can tell with some folk!

  4. I second Trav on the second pic.

  5. LOL!!!!

    Well I can assure you it wasn't me!! Thats so wrong!!! So gross!!

  6. A lot of guys commenting on this one Claire!!!! Methinks ryan doth protest too

  7. I resent the implication!

    Honestly, posting about your knicker collection Claire, you'll do anything for some Google traffic won't you....

  8. honey where did you get this photo of me? ha ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  9. I believe showing pictures like the first one will require some of us to want counseling at some point, are you trying to drum up business?

  10. And you wonder sometimes why people lurk?

  11. now now, not nice posting wolf crotch boy.

    Thong/panty pics don't count unless it's a self portrait. Not that I'm asking for a private viewing, mind you.


  12. Oooer that first picture is gross!!

  13. Okay, we got the teaser from the second pic. Now fork over the real goods.

  14. I think I have bigger scraps of lace in my sewing basket LOL.. ah, but someday... :)

  15. Well Ok i will believe you Ryan.

    Yes the men came for the panties, but which ones! Lol on Ryan protesting too much.

    Resent away Chris! As if i would do this to draw traffic to my site!

    Bee, i am sorry i hacked into your computer again and found both these pics.

    Always looking for business sgt dub!lol!

    Did you come for the men in panties too curmy?

    Meow, show me yours!

    Akelamalu you couldn't resist reading more though!

    RT, you first :)

    Skittles some day soon! you van post it here if you like,lol!