14 Apr 2007

Read More Hack

Hello Guys, i think all the wine has gone now! So i thought i would pass on the information about the read more thing i now now use on my blog. This information was given to me by the wonderful Comedy Plus and several of you have expressed and interest in knowing more about it (i do try to pay attention to you!)
Why use the read more function? Well if you get a bit long winded like myself its good, keeps blog looking tidy and also if you want to.........

Post funny or scary pictures!
So here is the information as provided by Comedy Plus

Go to the website provided and read carefully! you will have to mess around with your blog template html, if you have installed Mr Linkies or anything like that then you should be able to do it.

Here is the website address click here. When I copied and pasted the second page the "red" insertion didn't come with it. I remember doing this is a different order. I did the first part, then went to the post template and then put in the:

Type your summary here
< id="fullpost">
Type rest of the post here
< /span>

Then I did the Step II. It wouldn't save in the template without the "POST TEMPLATE" stuff then went back to the HTML and it saved then. Let me know if you run into a problem?

Hack address: click here


  1. Oooooer Claire I thought it might be easy!!!!!!!

    I'll have to wait a few months, no make that years before I attempt that!!!

    Thanks for the info, I'll get back to it sometime soon, later, never, no never say never!!!!

    Thanks honey. xxxx

  2. Assoon as I saw that four letter word....HTML....I knew it would be a long time before i tried this. Would be handy though! BTW love that photo of yourself.

  3. yes, you look a bit angry in that photo!

    This is a good tip for you blogger users.. Us wordpress people have that built right in!!

  4. Hey Claire, This is Callie... Hee Hee Well Linda tagged me with the Real Mom meme and now guess what.
    I am tagging you, Your it.

    (Callie runs as fast as she can back to where she came from. Oh no)
    See ya..

  5. Hey not so fast Missy.... You had a mom and if you didn't I am sorry. Just write about who bossed you a round. I wrote about things my mom did for me. So your still it. Ha ha ha

  6. Oh yes! I love this feature, even though I don't really use it much. And whoah! That was some scary surprise hidden under "Read More"! =P

  7. Good for you Claire. This is not difficult to do and your instructions are excellent. Hey, if we can do it then anyone can. You switched #3 with #2 and that's the most important part. Well, first is saving your blog before you do this hack. Toodle Pip.

  8. For those that don't have wordpress (Ryan)

    I would highly recommend it! I have really enjoyed using it.

    Ok OK i will do it Callie!

    Glad you like my read more surprises!

  9. By Jove I've done it!! I freak at HTML but this was easy to do. Comedy is right though save first! thanks for this x x

  10. Ha, Ha . . I'm having so much fun with this x x

  11. thanks for the html "read more" info, I'm going to have someone help me install it