26 Apr 2007

More British sayings

More British sayings!!
Thirteen British sayings, some nice, some not! Translate them and show me what you have learnt so far.
This colour for British English, This colour for Translation.
  1. You chavvy bint! Trailer Trash.
  2. Stop fannying around. Stop taking so long and make your mind up.
  3. What a load of bollocks. What a load of bullshit.
  4. You are seriously minging. You are very very ugly.
  5. Arse about face. Getting something the wrong way round.
  6. I am absolutely wankered. Very very drunk.
  7. Wow you look cracking. You look stunning.
  8. Come and have a dekko at this. Come and have a look at this.
  9. That was a doddle. That was easy.
  10. She was gagging for it. She wanted it (sex)bad!(men say this)
  11. I turned around and she was getting off with him. getting off in this case means kissing.
  12. He got kicked in the goolies. Kicked in bollocks (balls).
  13. I need the khazi. I need the toilet.


  1. Interesting! (And I thought we spoke the same language as the British! LOL)

    Happy TT!

    I'm sharing Florida sunsets pictures on my TT today. :)

  2. Sounds like you're having a rough day today, babe. I'm sorry (especially 'cause mine is kind of nice -- no kids at home for another hour or two yet)!

    I actually knew a few of these... I'm getting better!

  3. Some of these sound positively naughty! :) I love trying to figure them out! Have a wonderful week!

  4. I love British slang, it's so colorful :).

    (I wonder if they think that about American slang as well...)

  5. I shall use ebonics to reply to your post.

    It's off the chain, yo. Y'all mofos sound whack.

  6. Yeh baby! Great slang! Happy TT!

  7. Wish I'd thought of No 12 earlier today!

  8. I'm scared to find out what "she was gagging for it" means..

  9. I'll tell you hehehe! Good one Claire :-)

  10. And we get the translation when?
    I had a hard time understanding Benny Hill - loved 'im but had a hard time following the bloke!

  11. My guesses...

    1. ??
    2. Straighten up and be serious?
    3. Not to be believed?
    4. ??
    5. Change your mind drastically?
    6. Exhausted?
    7. You look great?
    8. Give this a try?
    9. ??
    10. Wanted it really bad?
    11. Having a good time?
    12. Kicked between the legs?
    13. The toilet?

    How'd I do?

  12. I think Travis has it with his answers. Maybe this for the others?
    1. A not very nice girl
    2. I remember this someone very very ugly and awful
    5. could also be someone with his head up his arse?
    9. it was a piece of cake? that's my slang.

  13. oh my... what a strange language you speak. what do you mean it's english? really? sigh....

    smiles, bee

    (crikey, this is bloody nuts!)

  14. I remember most of those. Chavvy is new to me as well as minging. We never used Wankered that was too too naughty possibly the meaning has changed. I can guess gagging but it was not used when I was in Britain.

  15. youse peeps schprechen zie weird.