8 May 2007

Blog-Op my second home.

Over at my second home Blog-Op my rather easy tips for bloggers seem to going well!

What have i done so far?
  • Learnt how to put a line through writing strike like that!
  • How to change your comments to contributions or whatever you want.
  • How to change the Date and Time of your posts.
What's to come?
  • How to add a FavIcon to your blog, that wee picture in my tab.
  • How to make images links.
  • Adding emotcions automatically to your posts and comments.
  • You Decide! if there is something you want me to try and help you with let me know.
So head over to Blog-Oprazz


  1. I do like the favicon....though most times I'd just be happy if my published post looked like the preview!

  2. links in posts.
    links in posts.
    links in posts.

    sigh.... i am soooo dumb!!

    smiles, bee

  3. yea! image links - looking forward to it!

  4. Did you actually get a response from Loudlaunch?? I was beginning to think they didn't really exist... Good on you!

  5. You're talent is wasted on a hosted blog. Your design and writing both would best be served on a self-hosted blog and it doesn't matter which blog platform you use.

    That's my 2 cents for the day.