5 May 2007

Brain splurge

Well if you visited much today, I don't know whether you could see all the weird changes that were occurring because of my haphazard attempts at column adding.
To put it mildly it did not go well! I am seriously tempted to do a web design course just to get my head around html and other stuff, i will not give up on it!

I also did my first post over at Blog-Op and thanks to a certain blogger already have fuel for a few new posts, if anyone else has something they want me to tackle head over and ask me! It is definitely giving my brain a good airing.

Tomorrow(today) i am being a good girl and going to the library, then a practice counselling session. Sunday should be hiking again, then its Bank Holiday Monday so maybe a pint or two?

Anyone got anything exciting planned?


  1. Cracked the third bar thingy here but the colours need toning down unless all my visitors wear sun glasses! It is a nightmare I agree, good luck x

  2. I will be working all day tomorrow on my day off but will hopefully be able to pick up a wireless connection on my laptop so that I can do some Saturday Scavenging!

  3. So what you are saying is that we should all head over and start posting the most difficult questions we can??

  4. Splurge? Is that what we call it now?


  5. I'm really impressed that you are trying all these blog're braver than I am. As for my weekend plans.....I'm really hoping I can spend a weekend doing nothing...this poor old girl is shattered!

  6. Oh dear...I can't even work out how to leave a comment at blog-op!

  7. Do you mean me? :)

    Thanks for sorting my question!

    Visiting Dad this afternoon, then out for a jar or two tonight.

    Have a great weekend. x

  8. Today...tackle Mt St Laundry!

    Last night we did go see Spiderman 3. I've got to do a post about it. We loved it. It was totally awesome!!!

  9. I'm going on vacation this Sunday. I'm flying to Washington D.C. So if I don't "see" you this week, hope you have a great one.