16 May 2007

Counselling Approaches: The summary

Ear infections are not fun and even more troubling than that i missed college today because of it! So while my ears are killing me and i can't sleep i may as well catch up on some of my notes.
Before i move onto some other styles of counselling, we were set these questions to summarise the Humanistic Approaches To Counselling, which i will answer sometime this week (when i have read my notes).

1. What are the Core Principles of Humanistic Theory?

Active listening, Non-Directive, Non-judgmental, Core Conditions , Client centred, Non-interpretative.

2. Identify the concepts of key figures in the humanistic school.

Carl Rogers (1902 - 1987)
The actualising tendency, self concept, real or organismic self, Core Conditions and Conditions of Worth.

Abraham Maslow-
Hierarchy of needs, self-actualisation, actualising people.

3. Identify some clients issues that would most likely benefit from the humanistic approach.

Relationship Issues, Low self esteem, Bereavement, Personal Development, Anxiety, Emotional Well Being, Lack of Self Confidence, Family Difficulties, Stress.

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