13 May 2007

Counselling Question

The Miracle Question

"I’d like to ask you a strange question…

Suppose…that you go home tonight…and go to bed…and fall asleep as usual…and while you are sleeping, a miracle happens...and the miracle is that the problems that brought you in here are gone…and you don't know because you are sleeping…

What will you notice different tomorrow…that will tell you that there has been a miracle?"

What are the signs throughout the day (after the miracle occurred) that are evidence to you that the miracle occurred?

What are the signs throughout the day (after the miracle occurred) that will show your friends or family that the miracle happened?

What difference would it make in your life if the miracle did start happening?

This is a very General version of the 'Miracle Question' which changes depending on the problems that the client brings to the counselling session, i just thought i would pose this question before going on to introduce Brief Solution Focused Therapy later on this week.
It gives you food for thought, well for me it did and i think you need awhile to think on it.


  1. I've heard the question before, and look forward to your solution.

  2. BSF Therapy is excellent & eventually you'll learn to use it in a less obvious way. Your learning so much in what seems a short time Calire. I'm sure you'll make a fabulous Counsellor x

  3. No solutions yet tomcat, it all depends on the miracle.

    Hey Shaz, your spot on with your comment about this being very obvious. At the moment i am learning a little about a lot if that makes sense?

  4. Oh, I wasn't being critical! I love BSFT & I'm sure you'll master it just fine x x

  5. I know you weren't! I thought it was good of you to point it out:)

  6. I would know if a miracle had happened.... if I woke up on time :-D