18 May 2007

Friday Feast 16

List 3 emotions you experienced this week.
Bored, Angry and frustrated, no not my sex life my ear infection!

Name a car you’d love to have.
Well i cant drive, so one that can drive me without me doing anything and be environmentally friendly.

Describe your typical morning routine.
Drag still dead(asleep) body out of bed, turn computer on, go downstairs to make a coffee.
Then do what ever needs to be done.

Main Course
Have you ever emailed someone famous? If so, who, and what did you say to them? Did they reply?
Me and George Clooney are best friends, he did put a restraining order on me though.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which ones?
Nope i have never, keep meaning too. So will have to see if anyone puts some good ones in their answers today.


  1. I'm first!!!! In my excitement I forgot my comments! LOL

  2. loved your main course!! LOL--is it true?

  3. A restraining order from George Clooney huh? Pretty good feast there my dear! Let me know about the podcasts if you find anything really interesting to share there.

  4. Hope your ears are better! No TT for me this week, and no FF either,but next week ...
    Love your self-portrait for WW!

  5. I should be George Clooney's lawyer -- I'd never lack for business then.

  6. you are funny I am craving chinese food now or whatever that was up there. Damn Damn Damn

  7. I can't drive either....If you find one of those self-driven cars let me know! :) Shame about George...he is a cutie. :) Great feast, you always make me laugh! Have a happy weekend!

  8. You don't drive? How very curious.

  9. I don't even know what a podcast is! I was tagged so I passed the dubious honour on to you. Check out my site. Hope you get better soon