28 May 2007

From Nits to Midges!

OK own up, who has cursed me? First i was sent a plague of Nits (ha but i have escaped them so far!) and now i have been bitten to f**k by Midges!
It must of happened on Saturday but the bites only started to itch like crazy last night. As i was covered up, the only place they got me was on my hands and neck. Thank God i wasn't nude hiking!surprised
I blame Chris as he lives in midge breeding territory!
Lets just hope i don't get cursed with any other itchy little buggers!


  1. Put some Tea Tree Oil on them.

  2. You poor soul. I had never even seen a cloud of midges until visiting Scotland. Fortunately, there was a breeze that day. Cold black tea works on itchy places.

  3. Ha haaaa! I read this fast and thought you said you were bitten by MIDGETS!

    You know....little people.


    Sorry you are itchy though...

  4. I've never heard of such critters! I hope those itchy spots feel better soon!

  5. They must like red. {{{hug}}}

  6. Do you normally go nude hiking and this time was just the lucky exception???