22 May 2007

Have you ever taped yourself?

Have ever taped yourself? no not like that (unless you want to answer?wink)
I mean in an audio interview style. I am unsuccessfully trying to tape some practice counselling sessions with my victim friend and i am hopeless!
I am great without the thing recording, but once i hit that record button.....
Yep tumbleweed, choked silence, nada!
Frantic hand signalling from victim friend, wondering what is going on, i reach over hit the pause button again and start laughing nervously.
We start again and i manage to last reading through the counselling contract, then i hit the wall again.
Anybody else been through similar thing? just so i don't feel so bad<span class=

Round two scheduled for tomorrow, i will head once more into the breach.
Also this is homework related so not skipping out on my homework!


  1. I popped in for a lurk but I see you're still here so I'd better comment. ;)

    I sounded like tweetie pie when I taped myself!

  2. I had a "relationship counseling" class in which we had to tape each other -using the correct methodology for "discussions" (friendly fighting, I think was the term actually -or something like that anyway.) I hated taping my voice - don't like the way it sounds in general conversation at all - way too nasal, too deep, too loud! You name it, I didn't like it.

  3. I sound so common and cor blimey on a tape...yet I'm everso posh really...LOL

  4. oh, I hate recording myself much that I don't think I've ever left a message on my answering machine. My current one is one I forced my sister to do.

  5. I don't mind recording myself but listening to it back is painful. I sound like the voice over on Big Brother . . .Day Five in the Us danes Hoose!

    As I've said to you before wait till you progress & they video your sessions for the class to pull apart (hint, make sure your g-string isn't showing over the top of your jeans . . .yup, you've guessed it . . I did it!!!!!!!)

  6. I spent my career with a tape recorder. You get used to it eventually. You have to just keep practicing. You'll be fine Claire. I have no doubt.

  7. I talk on the radio for a living but I absolutely, positively hate it when I have to listen to myself. I sound so nasally and stoopid that I just can't stand it!

  8. I have taped myself a number of times, but it's always some other man who talks in my place on playback.

  9. Sounds like I'm not the only one who doesn't like the sound of their own voice! It's just so odd!

    I myself would rather do the recording thing, than anything else that involves standing in front of the class. (Hate that!)

    PS: Yes, I turned off comments, thanks for drawing attention to the fact!! (lol)

  10. Heck yes! Running out of Mini DV tapes...

    Oh!! Audio... Hmm.. Yes, I'm completely with you here, cannot STAND the sound of my own voice...

  11. Practice makes perfect Claire!

    You could have a buddy help you go through the interview, and tape you sometimes & not tape you other times. That way you never know if the tape is recording or not.

    However, in real life, you've got to be good under pressure, so maybe the best thing for you to do is just keep practicing. You'll nail it eventually.

    Good luck!

  12. I hate the sound of my voice too. I was doing an interview with someone once, for a magazine years ago, and whenever I turned on the tape to ask questions I would get the same way. Turn the tape off and it would be great. I just don't like taping myself. (At least talking :) )

  13. Hide the recorder. Turn it on and put it on a chair where you can't see it. Then just relax.

  14. I sound like I am on helium when I hear me on tape. When I read your post title I thought it meant like duct tape. LOL I was going to say I have never taped myself, but I did put some heart stickers on my hooters before. Ouch!!!