17 May 2007

I made it

Hey folks just a quick note to say i made it to the Bridal fitting, ear juice an all. It was worth it, as Emma (Bride) has found her dream dress and it looks absolutely gorgeous on her. Will have to wait till she puts a deposit on it before i can take a photo though, they are very funny about you taking photos.
The colour theme is Ivory and Gold, with the Bridesmaid wearing gold, so me and Heather(little sister) have to find our dresses now, we have quite different taste. So Emma has said we can wear same dress, different shades of gold or same shade of gold different dress.
So has anyone seen a gorgeous bridesmaid dress with a gold theme? I have had a few suggestions so far

This lovely one from Mo!
Lovely as it is, i just don't think i could pull it off.
Off to bed now as i am knackered and can feel the ear juice building up!


  1. Oh come on! It's so YOU! :-)

  2. No can't see you in this...this model is "armless" and think you're more likely to get "legless" at the wedding reception.
    Keep taking the tablets!

  3. Hmmmm, without witches broom I think you could just get away with it!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure Emma would agree though x

  4. It doesn't have a whip so that's no use!

    Hope the ABs are working for you now.

  5. knackered isn't anything like knocked up is it claire? and thanks for the ear juice update cause i am trying to diet and now i don't want any breakfast! you are a peach! and i think you should wear mo's dress, but with a hat make of fruit, you know the kind? lovely...

    smiles, bee

  6. Claire,

    Take a look here Bridesmaid Dresses It might give you some ideas. Just select a dress and then run your cursor over "gold" or "champagne" to see it in those colors.

  7. Good luck with the hunt for the dress! When is the wedding again? How long do you have to find the perfect dress?

    Oh, and this dress - perfectly ugly! Sorry Mo!

  8. I didn't think there was any such thing as a gorgeous bridesmaid dress. Isn't there a cosmic rule that says you can't have a pretty bridesmaid dress?