7 May 2007

My Ideal Man

This is what you get when add Counselling homework+Pride&Prejudice+hangover!
My mate sent me one of those online quiz things to find your ideal match, she is happily cohabiting with her fella so she shouldn't be looking at stuff like this!

Well i got this....

You go for the mountaineer type!
You like the outdoor sort. The strong, masculine man who's in touch with nature and extremely sporty. This low-maintenance man has a no-frills attitude, and his down-to-earth demeanour is very refreshing. He's probably well rounded and maintains a healthy balance in his life. He's not the sort to get caught up in any of life's superficialities. Another fact you love about him is that he's not a game-player. He's masculine without being laddish, and he has no tolerance for petty things. So what you see is what you get. And you definitely are charmed by the entire package! Whether it's his sense of adventure or his rugged look that melts your heart, you always fall hard for the Mountaineer.

Doesn't he sound great! where is he?

My question to you is 'Do you have an ideal man/woman?' (not a shim!)
And what would/have you compromised to make your relationship work?
Meaning your beliefs, sports team, stuff like that.


  1. Already have my dream man and he's the mountain man type too. Relationships are compromise if you want them to work.

    As you grow older you will find that many of the things that you thought were so important really aren't. Like which team is the best, the toothpaste cap was left off, the toilet seat was up or down...Things like that.

  2. You've got to find this guy Claire...he sounds perfect for you....besides I have a hat and need a wedding to go to!

  3. Comedy could you clone him? :D
    I agree that priorities change a lot over time.

    Hey Ruth, i better get to the top of the mountains instead of walking around them and start wearing some sexy hiking gear!

  4. The Tour Manager has some of these traits -- laid back, no games, that sort of thing.

    As for compromises, I no longer make stuffed shells for dinner. He hates ricotta. That means lasagna is few and far between, too.

    Oh, and I go to bed earlier and don't go to shows anymore. And let him make dinner every night. *wink*

  5. I say you come and visit me and I'll find you a hot Mountie!


  6. You could always use this as an advert to find your perfect partner!

    I already have mine, but then I'm very, very lucky.

  7. I try not to have an ideal, as usually it works out that they would be completely wrong for you anyway!

    I did say TRY, but then I watched P&P too :-D Hope springs eternal...

  8. I have an ideal look, at least on the attraction level. Luckily, Mrs Duck fits the bill.

    And I did compromise already, I moved to Philadelphia.

  9. Sorry Claire, I'm already taken, but it's nice of you to list my best points....

  10. i think you should clone sarge, he is perfect!

    smiles, bee