25 May 2007

Piss and Ploop

How about that a snazzy title! Go with me with on this.
The lovely Mr Ed the editor (not that talking horse) himself from The Pisstakers loves a bit of link lovage. Do not, i repeat, do not just add him to your sidebar (it distresses him). So find a nice way to add him to a post, its not all piss taking, i really enjoyed this post on blog Traffic.

Some folks don't like the title The Pisstakers but i love it:
A quick definition of it is: a piss-take (British & Australian, very informal!)
take the piss - to make a joke about someone or to make someone look silly.
Can you see why i like itsmile
Through this site i have found plooptionary, which is hilarious and i am working on my 'how to win an argument' post.


  1. A delightful title, a great definition and some wise link love advice. cheers.

  2. I had to explain 'Taking the Michael' and 'Taking the Piss' to some readers from over the pond only yesterday. You would think English would be English everywhere wouldn't you?

  3. So "the piss is on me" isn't a bad thing? You're sounding better, I have a bouncy castle....

  4. Okay, I'll go take a look.