12 Jun 2007

From Exam hell to Portfolio Hell!

Hello loyal and wonderful readers! I am still without internet at home, did i mention the fact that ORANGE IS SHIT?

Well i made it through the exam, it did not go well because i got so stressed out about not finishing portfolios that i had a mini breakdown and nearly didn't go in, but sister and mum made me (thanks dudes).
I blame the ear juice episode for putting me behind, it zapped my energy and it was hard to get back into the swing of things, so of all the time for the internet to go down, now was not a good time!
Enough of the wingeing, my tutor has given me an extra day to finish portfolios, so i have come to my sisters house for an all nighter. Feel free to email me and keep me motivated into the wee hours!


  1. Ah Claire, I'm sure those results will be just fine. I hated the all nighters before the deadline so I'll be here mailing you later but hope that's not a distraction technique!!!

  2. England swings like a pendulum
    Bobbies on bicycles, two by two,
    Westminster Abbey the tower of Big
    Clair's internet will be working when........

  3. study you little red headed cutie! study!!!

    smiles, bee

  4. Keep workin' hard, girlfriend! You're almost there. ;)

    We've got lots of faith in ya.

  5. LOL Sarge Charlie! There's gonna be an internet knees up ...booze and naked men when you've got through all this exam hell....How's that for an incentive!!!!!

  6. Hope you're studying hard and I am so glad to see you back here even if it's just on your sister's borrowed Internet!

    And you're absolutely right Orange is shit!!!

  7. When you come out from under your obligations, trials, and tribulations, I just added another one by tagging you for the 8 things I know meme. Read rule number 5 on my blog.

  8. Hang in there Claire, it will all be over tomorrow and you can rest. We will all be right here when you finally get back.

    Yes, you have mentioned several times that Orange is shit! :)

  9. "I think I can, I think I can..." and to quote my favorite Englishman, Winnie Churchill, "Never, never, never give up!"
    You can do will will be a winner!!!
    Love ya,

  10. Study? What is THAT??? lol

    Hope you do well.. Study study study.....

  11. I have confidence in you, you'll do well. Good luck.

  12. ear juice?? Is that something you can mix with gin and cranberry juice?

  13. You'll do just fine, I've every faith in you! Think of the party once the exams over! :)

  14. Good luck! You will see things were probably better than you expected! :)