29 Jun 2007

Hike 9: Forest of Bowland

Well as i have had no internet i have been forced to go and do more hiking!
This hike was in the Forest of Bowland area called the Ward's Stone. This is the highest hill in the Forest of Bowland (didn't feel like a hill!), more info found here Ward's Stone.
Chris, who is one of the hiking gang, picked this one and from some reason decided that a hike designed for seasoned fell walkers would be a good idea. So off we go on a 11.5 mile seasoned fell walker hike!
I have done a slide show of the best photos from the hike so read on if you would like to see them.

Cool Slideshows!


  1. 11.5 miles????? I just walked round TK Maxx for an hour and I'm knackered!!

    Love the slide show, is that you emerging from the mist?

    Tell Dad enough's enough now, get the bloody internet connection fixed!

  2. I love the photo's of the countryside.

  3. Really enjoyed that hike. Thought I was going to get lost in the mist as I've only got flip flops on and was a bit slow. Will come suitably attired next time (with hip flask)

  4. looks lovely honey but if i had to walk eleven and a half miles to see it, well, it would never get seen, so thanks for showing me! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  5. I don't know why, but I kept seeing Sherlock Holmes wandering about...reminds me of something from one of the mysteries.

  6. Beautiful!! I would never see this part of England, but for you,

  7. Beautiful pictures my dear. But, me thinks Bee must be a long lost sister of mine or at least a distant relative cause my sentiments flow right along with hers. If I had to walk a mile, let alone 11.5 miles, well they'd be calling the undertaker to come get me for sure!