25 Jun 2007

Back to Blogics

Well I am back again! I have pre written this in word. So I am either on my sister’s computer, at uncles or my Internet is actually working.
After sister impersonating my dad, she doesn’t actually sound like a man but they didn’t pick up on the fact that Kevin is a mans name. They (internet providers) eventually acknowledged that the problem was from their end (no shit sherlock) so after making us unplug everything and plugging it in again (like I hadn’t already done that a million times), they decided it was a line fault. In their defence they said we should of let them know sooner they don’t know that Kevin (dad) is a mong. So the genius plan is to downgrade the connection speed and if that works ok, then upgrade it again. I have no idea what they are talking about and why my dad won’t just cancel them I have no idea! But by Tuesday this should be sorted out, but I am not hopeful!

So if it isn’t working at my end, I will be sat at my computer writing my posts and then running (exaggeration) to the nearest computer and publishing them.

While I remember to ask, has anyone tried blogging using their mobile phone.

UPDATE: I am at my sisters blogging! should know tomo whether mine is back on.


  1. alrighty then, go see the post sarge did for you!

    MISSED YOU!!!!

    smiles, bee

  2. The return of the crpitt monster!

    Never tried blogging on the mobile, it was bad enough using WAP to look for phone numbers etc.

    Good luck with the Broadband, Google Orange broadband when you get the chance, and read all of the kind reviews...

  3. Please please me repair man mend Claire's modem...we want her back!!!
    I've a feeling
    may do hers from her mobile; either that or it means she moves around a lot. You could try dropping past her blog and asking her.

  4. You can blog using a mobile phone???

    Fingers crossed for you being back online tomorrow. X

  5. Internet on a phone is bad, both security wise and money wise. Just don't do it.

    And internet companies don't care who long as the bills get paid then that's all they care about.

  6. I will be SO glad when your nightmare is over! I miss your delightful self and your humor somethin' fierce!!!