23 Jul 2007

Are you local?

Do you have a local? by local i mean a pub. The Public House or pub, is a second home to some Brits (not me), where you meet up with friends, watch the sport, participate in the Pub Quiz (i love them!), play a feast of pub sports (darts,dominoes, pool, snooker) and most scary of all karaoke night! Karaoke is a very dangerous thing where people under the influence suddenly transform into superstars but only in their own minds! Never laugh at a bad karaoke singer in my corner if the world, that would be very dangerous.
My dad has won many a trophy playing darts (horrible things now in the loft), but has now moved on to dominoes. Your particular local tends to change as your group of friends change, going from the pubs where you can get in underage (guilty) to the quieter real ale type places.

The Griffin is my local and i would say its for locals only! They don't like strange folk round here, well stranger than them that is :)
For information on how The Griffin got its name
History of Farnworth,Widnes


  1. Well done the Bold Blacksmith...never done karaoke and don't worry your eardrums are safe 'cos I never will.

  2. The whole idea of a pub is great. You don't see it so much here except in smaller towns. Most of the "bars" are "meat markets," for the younger set. The whole idea of the corner bar is dying out. Too bad...

  3. I wanted to ask you if you're any where near where all the floods are. We're hearing some awful stuff on the news!

  4. We have two locals - one is a Conservative Club - you know they have 'turns' and 'bingo', the other is just a pub with a great atmosphere. The club is only open on Saturdays and Sundays which really are the only two nights we go out anyway.

  5. A gin mill by any other name.

    If I stopped by, would conversation cease and the jukebox stop playing?

  6. There is a pub fairly near you'd expect to be our local however not somewhere I'd choose to drink! & I NEVER do karaoke!

  7. In my youth yes, but now now. The only time we ever go to a pub (bar) is with our cruising outings. It was grand fun though...I remember. :)